Tuesday, January 03, 2012

In Israel, Even the Top Court is an Outlaw

When Israel's top court runs headlong into international law it's an ugly day for the rule of law.

The Israeli Supreme Court had to decide whether Israeli companies can exploit resources in the Palestinian territory, the West Bank.  International law forbids occupying powers from doing just that. 

Faced with the clear prohibition of international law, the Israeli Supreme Court did what jumped up tribunals in other rogue nations do - it ruled that international law must be perverted adapted to the "reality on the ground" in the case of long-term occupation.

"...the court ruled last week that in a prolonged occupation the economic development of the occupied territory could not be frozen indefinitely. It added that the quarrying firms were not destroying the "capital" of the West Bank's natural resources, and were providing employment to Palestinians.

"Existing Israeli-owned quarries should be allowed to continue operating, but no new ones should open, the court ruled, reflecting the Israeli government's position."


John Prince said...

Be careful, Warren Kinsella or Jason Cherniak might call you an anti-semetic for daring to take a position here that is not in tune with the Zionist agenda.

Oh sorry, that is only on their Liblogs blog where they have total control to do such things on behalf of all Liberals, now isn't it?

LeDaro said...

John, are you not being offensive to call them Zionists. ;)

Israel makes the top scores in the world when it comes to injustice & apartheid treatment of Palestinians.