Monday, January 02, 2012

Living in Wonderland 2012

What really makes my skin crawl about living in the world of the Far Right is how seamlessly, yet powerfully, fantasy is interwoven with reality.

Let's name it.  How about hyperconservativopathy?  Extreme conservatism taken to pathological levels.   We can even shorten it to an acronym, HCP disorder.

HCP is triggered by overexposure to facts corrupted by falsehoods.  It's what the Far Right does, every day, and it's killing us.

We see it in the Far Right's approach to economics.   Like witch doctors they treat a problem with a mix of facts and delusion.   Government deficits can be cured by slashing government revenues through tax cuts.   By comparison, the Hopi Rain Dance seems quite logical.

We see it in Harper's approach to crime and punishment.  He justifies his prison fetish by crafting delusions of rampant and runaway crime levels, even if they are only the "unreported" variety.   That's pure HCP.

And who could overlook how HCP shapes the Far Right's views of anthropogenic global warming, climate change and the host of associated environmental scourges setting in around the planet.  Sure there's warming just like there was back in the days of Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone when man walked with drove dinosaurs.  And to the south, where the HCP disorder was spawned, it's all just a hoax by all of the world's scientists, don't ya know?

It's enough to make you scream in outrage.  Our world is confronted by a plethora of very real challenges, some of them outright threats, and the Far Rightists at the wheel nod off and veer toward the ditch.

Happy New Year and, let's hope, a 2012 far, far better than what we lived under in 2011.


C2 said...

We need to grab the wheel back from these drunk (on power) drivers. To do that we have to somehow make the truth visible...

Anonymous said...

Harper is a Reformer. He founded the Northern Foundation Party, this was in 1989.

From knowing Harper's shady political expect anything good from the likes of him is, an exercise in futility.

Harper's greed for money and power means, he will pollute the entire planet, with the dirty tar oil.

Harper has sort of run out of friendly country's. He was bullying country's to accept the dirty tar oil....Of all times and places, in Durban at a conference for global warming.

Harper pulled Canada out of the Kyoto Accord, because, he is trying to con every country he can, into the dirty oil.

He embarrassed us in Copenhagen. He embarrassed us terribly by, sending scum like Gordon Campbell to England as High Commissioner. At every meeting of Nations,. Harper always manages to anger everyone else present. They call Harper, a petty gasbag, arrogant, stubborn, impossible to work with, and co-operates with no-one.

Harper even lost Canada's seat in the U.N.

Other country's are shunning Harper, except for P.M. Cameron. He and Harper are plotting behind the British peoples back, to sneak the dirty tar oil into England.

One of England's M.P's, went to a Nazi theme stag party in France. Someone dressed in a Nazi uniform and was giving, the Hitler Nazi salute. P.M. Cameron did not want to fire M.P. Aidan Burley. However he was forced to. France is doing an investigation into that atrocity. They are not happy, for good reason.

Harper is hiding the facts of global warming from Canadians. He even slashed Environment Canada's budget to the bone. 700 scientists....gone!!

Too bad, we already know what Harper is, and it isn't much.