Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What Did Steve Harper Just Say?

The Grand Dissembler, Steve Harper, picks his words carefully.  That's why it's often worthwhile to pay close attention to what comes out of his mouth.   Take his remarks to a conference of First Nations chiefs in which he promised not to scrap the Indian Act:

"After 136 years, that tree [the Indian Act] has deep roots. Blowing up the stump would just leave a big hole."

Just what is Harper on about?   In one breath he's talking about a grand old tree.   In the next he's focusing on bad ways to get rid of the stump.  Is that Harperspeak for "hold on to your hats 'cause I'm coming for you with a chain saw but don't you worry I won't blow up the stump"?
Wow.  White man speaks with forked tongue.


Anonymous said...

Or maybe blowing up the stump will still leave the roots and the hole is supposed to imply something other than simple nothingness, like maybe a money pit, or maybe a void that would be too easily filled by "treacherous" Pinko Commie Liberal plans and ideas instead of radical CPC ideology.

Perhaps the plan is to poison the tree, starting at the deep roots that seem to be such a problem for him.

Beijing York said...

One thing for sure, Harper is not there to defend the First Nations' best interests.

There is something pathologically wrong with PMSH. His focus at this summit was the role the Indians played alongside British Loyalists in the War of 1812. Praising their role Harper's remaking of Canada as a warrior nation.

The national anthem was sung by Canada's national policing agency. And then he uses such aggressive, violent terms like "blow up".