Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Integrity of Science

I have a friend who is an ardent defender of the Athabasca Tar Sands.  We get into friendly arguments by e-mail that can go for several days at a time.

The most recent topic has been the safety problems surrounding the TransCanada and Enbridge proposals to ship bitumen thousands of miles through pipelines.  Bitumen is laced with abrasive, grit-like particles and corrosives, acids, that "eat" pipelines.   In reply to these claims, my friend sent me a link to a press release from Alberta Innovates debunking the myths of dangerous bitumen.

Alberta Innovates said it, "sought an independent fact-based analysis to address the pipeline safety issues."   It then commissioned a "corrosion specialist" to conduct the analysis.   And who did they pick?   Why Dr. Jeremy Beens, P.Eng., of - wait for it - Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures

Can you hear the conversation now?  "I know just the fellow to do this study - down the hall, on the right, two doors this side of the lunchroom."

But, remember folks, scientists are all liars except when they work for Alberta Innovates.   Those guys always give us "independent, fact-based analysis."

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