Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mad as a Newt

Newt Gingrich is going all out to snatch the Republican presidential nomination from the man nobody seemingly wants, Mitt Romney.  And Newt figures the guy most Republicans are looking for, the man who'll keep them from voting Romney, is an outright lunatic.

He recently told a coven of South Carolinians that their native son, Andrew Jackson, knew how to deal with America's enemies, "kill them."

Newt knows a thing or two about the U.S. constitution or at least those parts he doesn't like.   One of them is the "rule of law."  According to Newt, if he becomes Imperatore or Godfather or the Big Cheese, he'll put himself above the law where he disagrees with it.

"I fully expect as president that there will be several occasions when we will collide. The first one, which is actually foreign policy, the Boumediene decision which extends American legal rights to enemy combatants on the battlefield is such an outrageous extension of the court in to the commander in chief's role.

"I will issue an instruction on the opening day, first day I'm sworn in, I will issue an executive order to the national security apparatus that it will not enforce Boumediene and it will regard it as null and void because it is an absurd extension of the supreme court in to the commander in chief's (authority)."

Gingrich has said before that he regards the president as above the court when the two branches have fundamentally differing views but he went further in committing himself to setting up a constitutional crisis on his first day in office.

...Gingrich's interpretations have previously been met with disdain. President George W Bush's attorney general, Michael Mukasey, has said that a president selectively ignoring supreme court decisions would turn the US in to a banana republic. 

It turns out this very genuine contender for the Republican nomination is overstuffed with wacky notions.

"Newt has 10 ideas a day," former Republican Congressman and Gingrich supporter Scott Klug told the WSJ last week. "Two of them are good, six are weird and two very weird."

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