Thursday, January 19, 2012

Has Harper's Buddy Bruce Carson Conveniently Fallen Between the Cracks?

What happened to the RCMP investigation into Bruce Carson that Harper himself ordered, presumably to get his own lard arse off the hook?   Carson, you will recall, is the convicted fraud artist/disbarred lawyer/courtesan frequenting and purported influence peddling dirty old man who wangled his way into a fixer job in Harper's inner sanctum, the PMO.

It's not easy finding anything recent about Bruce Carson.  He seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.   Last September, Aboriginal TV news tried to follow up with the RCMP and got the runaround.  One RCMP spokesperson said the investigation had been concluded and found not to warrant charges.   That was followed up by another officer who said the matter is still before the Commercial Crime unit.   Yet another said the investigation ordered by the Prime Minister himself still hadn't been opened.

Has the investigation been quashed?   If so why, by whom, when?  Surely this scandal, one that reaches right into Harper's office, warrants some explanation, some findings, a report.   Who let this guy in?  Why?  What did Carson do when he was there, what did he see or learn?   Was there any illegality in Carson's dealings?

Regardless of the conclusions, this is one of those cases where the RCMP needs to show it has done its job.   "Case closed" isn't good enough, not nearly good enough.

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