Friday, January 06, 2017

Headed for the White House - the Most Caustic Prick on the Planet.

Joe Biden spoke for a good many people around the world when he urged Donald Trump to "grow up."

"Grow up, time to be an adult, you're president."

Biden said it would be legitimate to question intelligence and ask for more detail or disagree but “dangerous” to publicly criticise the agencies and claim to know more than them.

“For a president not to have confidence in, not to be prepared to listen to, the myriad intelligence agencies, from defence intelligence to the CIA, is absolutely mindless,” he said in an interview with PBS.

“The idea that you may know more than the intelligence community knows – it’s like saying I know more about physics than my professor. I didn’t read the book, I just know I know more.”

Meanwhile, the Great Orange Bloat, had more pressing things on his mind than Russia tossing the election his way. Donald is more concerned with how his replacement, Aaarnold Schwarzenegger, is doing as host of Celebrity Apprentice.

Demonstrating the childishness he brings to everything he does, Trump tweeted (naturally) -

"Wow, the ratings are in and Arnold Schwarzenegger got "swamped" (or destroyed) by comparison to the ratings machine, DJT.

"So much for being a movie star - and that was season 1 compared to season 14. Now compare him to my season 1."


rww said...

Perhaps Trump should blame the Executive Producer for the poor ratings.

Owen Gray said...

This is a man who has a hard time prioritizing what he needs to focus on. And, when he does focus, it's not for long.

Lorne said...

This may be the pattern for the next four years, Mound. While Trump is chronically distracted by trivialities, the real powers behind him will emerge.

Anonymous said...

I like adult Presidents and Secretaries of State who represent oligarchs, foreign and domestic, instead of the people (for just 3 easy payments of $249,999.99!). No better democracy than adulterated democracy!

Toby said...

Check out In the Garden of Beasts
Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin
by Erik Larson. See .

In 1933 the general perception of Hitler and the Nazis was that they couldn't be as scary as they made out to be. By the middle of 1934 Ambassador Dodd was warning his superiors but most of them felt that he wasn't up to the job. Dodd was convinced that Hitler could have been stopped early on by mostly economic embargo and denunciation by the US, England, France and other powers but no one would listen until it was way too late.

Anyway, while reading this book I kept thinking of what is happening in the US. It looks like the world has another sadistic whacko to deal with. I sincerely hope it doesn't take another big war to get rid of him.

The Mound of Sound said...

Lorne mentioned a book he just finished, Chris Hedges' "Unspeakable." It does sound darkly interesting. Then there's Henry Giroux' latest, "America at War With Itself," in which he apparently chronicles the rise of authoritarianism in the United States and how it was instrumental in sort of electing Trump.

Anonymous said...
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The Mound of Sound said...

Anon, you're truly vile. While I'm taking down your infantile rant I will try to answer your questions: Not yet. Yes. Yes. We'll have to wait and see. Now be off you scumbag.

Dana said...

Anonymous dimwit fuckwad. Do something useful and remove yourself from the gene pool.