Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Oh Great, Now the Queen's Embarrassed

She probably wasn't expecting to see the Great Orange Bloat turn up on her doorstep and Her Majesty is going out of her way to let everyone know it's not her doing.

Britain's cadaverous prime minister, Theresa May, went ahead an invited Donald Trump to an all-out state visit. That means Trump gets to be greeted by the Queen and gets an all-expenses paid stay in Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace intervened in the row over President Donald Trump’s forthcoming state visit by asking the British government to make clear that the invitation had come from the Prime Minister, it was claimed Monday night.

...The Palace became concerned that the public would wrongly get the impression that invitations for state visits were the gift of the Queen, after May’s spokesman appeared to distance the prime minister from the decision to invite Trump.

...During a state visit, it is the queen who acts as personal hostess. In most cases, that involves lavish pomp and ceremony and a stay of several days at Queen Elizabeth’s official residence, Buckingham Palace.

Sources with knowledge of the conversations said the Palace raised concerns and Number 10 subsequently issued a clarification making clear the Prime Minister was “very happy” Trump had agreed to come to the U.K.

Charles weighs in.

At a time his mother finds herself at the centre of the state visit dispute, Prince Charles said he fears the lessons of World War II have been forgotten.

“The work of World Jewish Relief enables us to rally together, to do what we can to support people practically, emotionally and spiritually,” the prince said in speech at a Jewish charity’s dinner on Monday night. “Particularly at a time when the horrific lessons of the last war seem to be in increasing danger of being forgotten.”

The Sunday Times reported that if the visit went ahead, Charles planned to confront Trump over global warming.

The Lord Mayor - No Fan.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim elected to that post, has called for the invitation to be rescinded. His office said he will call Trump’s travel ban “cruel, prejudiced and counterproductive” at a City Hall diplomatic reception Tuesday.

Could Trump be Snubbed by the Mother of All Parliaments?

Labour and Tory MPs moved to bar Trump from addressing Parliament when he comes to the United Kingdom. Sarah Wollaston, a Conservative MP, said the privilege should be “reserved for leaders who have made an outstanding positive difference in the world.”

Looks like Trump's ego could be in for another bruising. America's narcissist in chief floats on a sea of personal insecurities and this could be shaping up to be an extremely rough ride.


Anonymous said...

Anyong....the BBC reported last night that May is in support of the British protesters since her arrival back in the U.K against Trump visiting the UK.. BBC also discussed May's Moral mind. The President doesn't visit the Queen till at least three or four years into the Presidency perhaps by that time, Trump will be Trumpeted out.

Lorne said...

All I can ask is, "Hasn't the Queen done enough service throughout her long life?" Surely the ignominy of a Trump visit should not mar her final years.

Anonymous said...

Trump possibly thinks the Queen is married to Nigel Farage and is eager to visit Buck House.


John B. said...

Who cares?


America alone - first, last and only!