Sunday, January 29, 2017

Somebody Wrote WHAT??

Welcome to the apocalypse,  ye the doomed. This is one of those books where the title pretty much gives it all away, "Learning to Die in the Anthropocene, Reflections on the End of a Civilization."

The book is written by Roy Scranton - author, novelist, poet, sometime scribe for The New York Times, Rolling Stone, the Nation, Dissent, Los Angeles Review of Books and Boston Review.

Scranton's theory is astonishingly simple. If we still have a chance of surviving climate change it doesn't matter because we're not going to take it. We won't save ourselves because capitalism won't hear of it. Global decarbonization is "effectively irreconcilable" with global capitalism.

As far as I'm concerned it ain't over til it's over but, yeah, he's probably right. We're supposed to have a progressive, benevolent leader and even that guy is a petro-pol on steroids. Justin Trudeau is the poster boy for the irreconcilable clash between hydrocarbon capitalism and the survival of our civilization.


Lorne said...

"We won't save ourselves because capitalism won't hear of it." That pretty much sums things up, Mound, along with the refusal of the majority to make any alterations in their cossetted but ultimately destructive lifestyle. Give up beef one or two days a week? Not a chance, say the many.

Toby said...

The majority is simply not paying attention.

Toby said...

Those with money are making plans.

Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich

As inequality soars, the nervous super rich are already planning their escapes

Marie Snyder said...

Yep, it's probably all futile, but we have to keep trying. Looking at our leaders, I don't get the sense that we're going to make it. But looking at changes in attitudes in people around me, climate change is much more believed as a reality than it ever was. I just hope we can all keep our heads for as long as possible.

the salamander said...

.. respect for Toby's last comment, but the best laid plans of mice & men... well its a truism, and I can't imagine what plan withstands ecological collapse and/or mass environmentally caused exodus.. Anyone who thinks millions will sit and starve or die from dehydration (no drinkable water) needs professional help.. but then a majority of political animals & their benefactors (donors) require mental health care or sound advice on why not to adore their invisible friends 'upstairs' (strange gods)

I'm awaiting Justin Trudeau's decision to stand upright with Tom Mulcair, who already clearly stated that Donald Trump is a fascist. Is it harder for a Prime Minister to say what is clear to anyone? Must one be ah.. circumspect? Soft? In my view one no more has discussions or make deals or 'negotiates' a damn thing.. with a fascist.. or a rabid barn rat. If anyone can point me to a non-fake news source indicating Donald Trump will 'negotiate' a damn thing with a shred of integrity.. or oversight from Steve Bannon (ex Goldman Sachs & Breitbart or Stephen Miller (ex Michelle Bachmann & Jeff Sessions) well I'm willing to recant, step back from my views

In summary.. Donald Trump is the current poster boy & pimp in chief, for Big Energy, which he is long in.. as far as investment portfolio.. and refusing to divest.. he is in deep conflict of interest. If Trudeau wants to get in bed policywise with that reckless, dangerous, fraudulent liar & loser.. then don't drag Canada and Canadians into Trump's cage.. that's fundamental business strategy.. drag victims into your cage.. and there is zero environmental conciousness to Trump Bannon Miller Inc

The Mound of Sound said...

I agree that we have to keep trying if only to perhaps make the future a little less punishing than it could be if we don't try.

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Sal - don't wait for Trudeau to stand up to anything. That's not how Junior rolls.

Check out my most recent post. Donald Trump is quite mad. I believe he's certifiable. He's being manipulated by Steve Bannon, as close a figure to Rasputin as there has been in American history. Bannon gets a permanent seat on the National Security Council but the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the director of National Intelligence are downgraded to part-time status? That's the act of a lunatic. This president is barking mad.

Anonymous said...

Just think how much better our odds would be if all the super-rich flew off to the moon.

Hugh said...

Overall debt is growing. Govt measures debt as a ratio: debt-to GDP.

So as long as GDP grows, as the debt is growing, Govt can say the debt/GDP ratio is the same.

So Govt and central banks are desperate to see the GDP grow, every year.

So Govt is unlikely to outright shut down the tar sands, or cancel all plans for pipelines, LNG plants, or put in an effective carbon tax.

Hugh said...

Govt will try to spur GDP growth by adding more debt, as Stimulus!

As if a real economy needs to be 'Stimulated'.

Previous Govt actually said they will reduce debt by adding debt!


Anonymous said...

Anyong 11:13....If the 1% of the world's population has an alternative to surviving, and after the dust has settled, and without the 7 Billion people to exploit, what will they do then?