Monday, August 07, 2017

An Open Book Without All Those Bothersome Pages

He's actually doing their job for them. He is Donald Trump. They are hostile intelligence services trying to plumb the shallow depths of Trump's mind.

The steady stream of tweets flowing from Trump’s phone and the leak this week of candid conversations he’s had with two foreign leaders throw open a window on Trump’s views of the world, his moods and sensitivities.

The president's tweets are an absolute gold mine of personal, detailed information on his personality and his emotional state,” former CIA director Michael Hayden said.

Friday was not atypical for Trump, who had tweeted five times by mid-morning, and re-tweeted six messages written by others, giving an indication of what was on his mind, his likes and dislikes. Trump has 35.1 million followers on Twitter.

“Every country in the world has Donald Trump marked for collection,” said Malcolm Nance, a retired codebreaker from the National Security Agency, the nation’s premier data collection branch.

Trump prides himself on his unpredictability, and in a little more than six months in office, he has upended relations with traditional allies in Europe, piqued Australia, and found only a handful of foreign leaders who have openly embraced him, including the leaders of Poland, Saudi Arabia, Japan and China. Much of the world has been busy trying to read Trump.

“The White House and the U.S. president have always been priority targets for intelligence gathering by both hostile and allied security services," said Stephen B. Slick, a former CIA operations officer who now directs the Intelligence Studies Project at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas.

"The chaotic personnel and policymaking practices of the the current administration will only reinforce that focus," Slick said.

Nance said he believes Trump has wrongly dismissed the threats that foreign intelligence operations play in tracking him.

He, his family and his friends are just clearly the most wired people in the world. So they are simple, simple signals intelligence targets,” Nance said. “Easy. I could do it if I had a membership to that golf club.


the salamander said...

.. two things to consider re 'Trump tweets'

- the tweets this morning can be looked at from a lateral perspective a la Edward deBono. Ask different questions about the Trump tweets. Here's a great example.. the one that starts with '.. conquests ..' and goes on to nasty cynicism re Blumenthal & Vietnam. Ask yourself 'who actually wrote this tweet and what is it aside from just a tweet?' My answer is it delivers as if crafted by a team.. at the very least, ghostwritten. And that suggests its seen as a strategic tool or campaign component. Its a moulded social media weaponized trolling of some 35 million direct followers and an audience of untold scale via Mainstream Media. When I read most of them I see patterning in the coloration and tone - response time & topic. Who is this spin team? Ifmy premise is correct? Donald Trump is not scratching his head for a tweet while golfing, or eating or meeting or in flight. He's not working out timely topics and polished condensed messaging. He has 'a staff'.. and they are not twiddling their thumbs. He has an in-house propaganda unit and key lieutenants in Bannon Miller Conway etc to drive the production and response.. and soften any assault. I recall the mini docu of I think, a select group of Time Mag senior folk. They were invited to meet Trump in the Oval Office for an interview. He then invited them to join him for a tour and to dine with him. What was interesting is that when they all returned to the Oval Office, Trump's first question to his staff was 'did those tweets go out?'

- the use of troll/bots - perfect shallow phrasing employed if they come across key words and names.. and the cleverness & insidiousness of such cybertools. Again this social media weaponized propaganda. This is expensive black ops by specialized PR & boutique Ad agency levels.. this is political and social cyberwarfare quite possibly operating in house at the White House

Food for thought !

The Mound of Sound said...


Toby said...

salamander, that's fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Trump TV- Lara Trump. Kayleigh McKinaney.

Sinclair Broadcasting- Boris Epshteyn. Mandated Trump good-news reports from all stations.