Friday, August 11, 2017

I'm Sure It Was Just a Figure of Speech.

Phil Mudd, CNN terrorism analyst, career spook and former deputy to then FBI director Robert Mueller said of Donald Trump, "Government is going to kill this guy."

Even with "fire and fury" and "lock and load" permeating the Washington banter, saying that the guys you used to work with in the government are "going to kill" your president is kinda out there.

I don't think these Deep State types will actually have to kill Trump. Probably it would be enough to just bust a cap in his ass or wing him in the shoulder. He'd probably resign in a heartbeat, head back to his golf course and sit in solitude staring out the window in the pre-dawn hours looking for a convoy of black cars bearing FBI raiders.

Mudd joined the CIA in 1985, moved to the counter-terrorism branch in 1992, rose to a deputy director, CIA before joining Mueller at the FBI in 2005. The guy has been around and he seems pretty well plugged in.


Trailblazer said...

Trump is not the first idiot to be the leader of the "gulp" ,free world.
GW Bush had his moments which were bad but not as bad as Trump.

Be it Trump, Bush, Blair or Erdogan it was the electorate shouting democracy that voted these people into power; and power they took!!

Is it time to have a means test to be eligible to vote??


The Mound of Sound said...

What we're seeing now, TB, makes a powerful argument for presidential candidates to pass an initial security screening. Every military man or woman who is considered for nuclear weapons handling or delivery goes through an intensive screening process. I know that from personal experience. That's before they're even allowed to learn about such weaponry.

It's an abomination that a psychologically impaired guy like this is, by virtue of the electoral college alone, given the nuclear launch codes and the power to obliterate life on our planet. That is the height of madness. America's security/intelligence/military establishments realize this insane threat Trump poses to the U.S. and the world. I would like to believe that, within those organizations, there are preparations to take him out before he could issue launch commands.

Toby said...

While they are at it could they put Pence, Bannon and the rest of the inner circle on the list? No one needs to be hurt; just park them somewhere they can't do any harm for a few years.

Trailblazer said...

Pitcairn Island perhaps?


Toby said...

Bikini. There they could learn about nuclear fallout.