Friday, August 11, 2017

Does That Make the Mooch Trump's "Monica"?

Now disgraced, former drive-by White House communications director, Tony "Hey, Go F@ck Y'self" Scaramucci, has been going after the man who took him down, New Yorker writer, Ryan Lizza.  The Mooch has slammed Lizza, branding him "the Linda Tripp of 2017."

Wait a second. Trump would be Clinton. Lizza would be Linda Tripp. What does that make Scaramucci? My God, he's Monica Lewinski. Just what was Monica Scaramucci doing for/to Donald Trump anyway?


Lorne said...

To quote Horatio in the play Hamlet, Mound, "'Twere to consider too curiously, to consider so."

The Mound of Sound said...

You're right. Sigh.