Friday, August 11, 2017

"Lock and Load" - Really, Rambo?

The Vietnam war made famous the phrase "lock and load." It was a term American soldiers used to describe charging their M-16s, round in the chamber, ready for a little "rock'n roll" automatic fire.

It's funny, even a bit cringeworthy, to hear "lock and load" come out of the mouth of a Vietnam draft dodger, Donald Trump,  who, like Dick Cheney, managed to score five deferments to save his lily white ass from the draft.

Cheney demonstrated and Trump proves how bellicose these goddamned chickenhawks can become once they're safely out of the line of fire and in a position to whack everybody else, their own included.

Two days ago Trump scowled a warning to North Korea that he was ready to rain down "fire and fury" on their heads if they continued to threaten America with a missile attack.  Now Trump has upped the ante with his latest tweet:

I really don't know why anyone can mock Trump for his golf outings. At least when he's on the links the world is a less dangerous place.

Meanwhile, Trump's obvious successor, Veep Mike Pence, has revived a Vietnam war phrase of his own - "di di mau." It's the Vietnamese equivalent of "beat feet" or "scram."  While Rambo ups the rhetorical war, Pence has hightailed it to Latin America, well beyond the reach of Kim's missiles and the malarial swamp of summertime Washington.

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