Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Today in Breitbart

A Steve Bannon fidget spinner.  The timing is perfect just as fidget spinners are going the way of Pogs in the 1990s.

Over at the re-Bannoned Breitbart News Network, the lead story is about how White House aides just can't stop leaking, this time in telling Politico that Trump's barking mad speech in Phoenix wasn't their doing but just Trump going right off script - again.

More White House leaks! Anonymous “aides” have rushed, right on cue, to disavow Donald Trump’s fiery speech in Phoenix, Arizona Monday night and tell establishment reporters that they had nothing to do with the red meat the president served up to his Deplorable supporters.

Breitbart also features a story critical of Trump's decision to double down on Afghanistan, a call Bannon finds offensive.  Maybe they should concentrate on moving that inventory of Bannon fidget spinners while they can.

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