Monday, August 14, 2017

State Sponsor of (Domestic) Terrorism?

Undercover FBI agent, Michael German, says the Trump White House has empowered white supremacist terrorism. That would make the United States a true, "state sponsor of (domestic) terrorism.


Toby said...

Interesting comment about official policy that includes environmentalists as terrorists even though there have never been any deaths by them.

bill said...

It is interesting that his reference to running street battles reminded me of reading The rise and fall of the third reich over forty years ago. the author devoted a chapter to the same street battles, common in the early part of the century virtually world wide that gave rise to the communist and nazi parties. At that time weapons commonly used were clubs and brass knuckles.
The big contrast today is when the mayor of Charlottesville said last night that the reason the police didn't interfere was because they were badly outgunned as 80% of the pro nazis had semi automatic weapons.
Americans are about to find out just how useful the second amendment truly is.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, Toby, the smears against environmentalism have been as effective as they are misplaced.

The Mound of Sound said...

Bill, I hadn't heard that account of the missing police presence. However if the state will not assert its monopoly on the use of force and instead yields to the superior firepower of a fascist mob then your analogy to Germany in the 30s becomes compelling. Christ on a crutch!

bill said...

Mound I think the article I read was on google news last night but when I just checked there must be a thousand related articles if you just punch in google news and expanded coverage of the mess.

Like I predicted yesterday there are dozens of protests against the whole fiasco where police have no problem firing tear gas and rubber bullets against the unarmed mobs.

The really scary thing is that from he headlines alone it would appear that the police are in bed with the heavily armed fascists and many headlines question if this is the beginning of the next civil war.

The Mound of Sound said...

I just did that Bill and it's pretty obvious that America may be descending into the type of anarchy that can lead to armed civil unrest. This could be a genie that can no longer be forced back inside his bottle.