Friday, August 11, 2017

Cholera Staging a Comeback

Cholera is coming back, big time. In Saudi-devastated Yemen there have already been 2,000 cholera deaths out of over 400,000 suspected cases.

Aid agencies fear the number of cases could rise over 600,000 by year's end – that's one in every 45 Yemenis.

"This is the world's worst cholera outbreak in the midst of the world's largest humanitarian crisis," top United Nations aid officials said in a statement on July 26.

But the cholera tragedy is not limited to Yemen. Across the Gulf of Aden in drought-affected Somalia more than 70,000 cases and 1100 deaths have been registered so far this year.

Trudeau has disgraced Canada by standing by mute as Canada's ally and bestie customer, Saudi Arabia, has repeatedly flouted the laws of war to devastate the Houthi civilian population in Yemen. Bomb the cities and villages, destroy the essential infrastructure, Israeli "Dahiyeh" style, and diseases like cholera become a secondary weapon, one that doesn't require any costly jet fuel or pricey cluster bombs and spreads all by itself. Very efficient.

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