Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Who Isn't Quitting Trump's American Manufacturing Council?

Elon Musk walked weeks ago. Then Google took its leave. Now, in the wake of the Charlottesville alt.right, neo-Nazi, KKK, white supremacist rally and Donald Trump's refusal to do what was right and denounce these fascists until his hand was forced, there've been more departures.

Merck pharmaceuticals, which has a black CEO, was first out. Intel followed shortly thereafter. UnderArmour and the Alliance for American Manufacturing, round out the second wave of departures.  Good for them but who is staying?

Dow Chemical, Harris Corporation, Dell, NuCor, Whirlpool, Johnson & Johnson, United Technologies, Lockheed Martin (well, duh), General Electric, United Technologies, AFL-CIO (really?), Campbell Soup, Boeing, Caterpillar, International Paper, 3M and Corning are among those who are still standing with Trump.

There is a way to fight/bite back, at least with some of the prime suspects. There's a free app, Buycott, for your smartphone, iPhone or Android. It's a bar code scanner and it'll tell you if a product you're considering is manufactured by any one of several manufacturers, i.e. Nestles or the Koch brothers, that you want to boycott. Most of these brands have a variety of other products. Campbell's, for example, owns Prego, Pace, Pepperidge Farm. You wouldn't believe the number of consumer brands owned by the Koch boys, Wolfram und Helmut. I absolutely refuse to buy Nestle products but their owned brands are nearly impossible to track without something like the BuyCott app.

It sounds like a real hassle and it is, the first time or two you scan a grocery shelf. What I've found is that it doesn't take long before you learn to associate a brand, such as Delissio frozen pizza or Kit-Kat, DelMonte, Carnation or many other products with Nestle. Sometimes there is no alternative. Try getting some napalm except from Dow Chemical and you'll have a tough time. Just sayin'. However far more often there's plenty of choice and it feels good not to put your money in their pocket.


Lorne said...

This is very useful news, Mound. Unfortunately, since I don't have a smartphone, I can't make use of the app. Almost makes me want to get one.

Anonymous said...

Little Donnie's taken his ball and gone home.

Donald Trump yesterday:

For every CEO that drops out of the Manufacturing Council, I have many to take their place. Grandstanders should not have gone on. JOBS!

Donald Trump today:

Rather than putting pressure on the businesspeople of the Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum, I am ending both. Thank you all!

I guess there weren't as many willing CEOs as the Don thought! LOL!