Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Essential Role of Perspective

The reports sound pretty awful - more than 800 dead in floods that are sweeping India, Nepal and Bangladesh.  But how to make any sense out of that?

I went to check out the live birth rate in just India. It's reported to be 32 a minute or just over 46,000 every day. That's 46,000 versus a death rate per day of about 14,400 for a net gain, per diem, of over 31,000. That's just for India. (Canada records 1,075 births and 570 deaths per day).


John's Aghast said...

That's one every two seconds!
The whole thing could be solved if we'd engage in recreational sex, instead of procreational sex, for as little as twenty five years.
Sure, the diaper industry, baby food industry and the like would suffer, but the Health Industry would have a chance to catch up and stabilize.
And we'd be back down to a manageable population size!

Northern PoV said...

John's Aghast: that books already been written....
"Children of Men"

It would likely cause societal collapse (as in the novel) but that could be a good thing if the better angels guide our hearts afterwards.

And another fictional ref:
Dr. Strangelove's mad general believed the Russians were poisoning the water to destroy western manhood.