Friday, August 25, 2017

Bombardier Bribery Bust

Bombardier execs are in hot water with Sweden's National Anti-Corruption Unit over alleged bribes to win a $340 million (US) contract with Azerbaijan.

Auditors of the World Bank's Integrity unit report that Bombardier used "collusion and bribery" to win the contract.

If convicted, Bombardier could be barred from competing on future World Bank projects.


Dana said...

I am shocked, shocled, to learn that there is corruption in Azerbaijan.

If you want to do business there, or in any of the former Soviet bloc states, and you won't be Pyrrhically satisfied, then you must deal with the local conditions. Or walk away.

Sanctimonious gasbags who didn't get the contract are probably the ones who launched the accusation.

Toby said...

Considering the money that our governments have forced on Bombardier execs that is probably our tax payer dollars spent bribing Azerbaijanis.

Trailblazer said...

Wow; who would have suspected that major international companies would engage in bribery?

And to think that any Government would not be involved in propping up such a scheme is hilarious to say the least.