Monday, August 14, 2017

Better Than Al Gore?

A recently retired physician from British Columbia, Peter Carter, has taken up the fight against climate change. This video may be the most informative state-of-the-climate address you have ever seen. It explains this golden opportunity we still have and the forces, in industry and government, that will block it until it's lost.

Dr. Carter gives you a yardstick by which you should take the measure of our political leadership - Liberal, Conservative, NDP and Green. Carter presents the long overdue adult conversation we'll never get from Ottawa.


Toby said...

Dr. Carter is quite frank about it. I'm sure that Trudeau and his fake Environment Minister know about it. I think that Trump is setting the Canadian agenda. We have a lapdog Prime Minister.

The Mound of Sound said...

He makes a compelling argument that Canadians, especially the youngest and our future generations, are being betrayed by our federal government. Harper betrayed Canadians. Trudeau is betraying Canadians and the next leader whether Liberal, Conservative, New Democrat perhaps even Green, will betray our people, you and me, until we reach the point where we refuse to take this betrayal from them any more.

the salamander said...

.. keep expectations low.. of politicians willing to extirpate entire species within complex interdependant food chains via deletion, poisoning, stripping of their habitat etc - That is the implied message of pipelines and supertankers re LNG and Dilbit to Asia.. The 'window of opportunity' - 'grow the economy' - jobs jobs jobs - so many we'll need injections of Temporary Foreign Workers - seized upon by 'public servants' Stephen Harper, Ray Novak, Christy Clark, Jim Flaherty.. Jason Kenney, Brad Wall, Joe Oliver & Peter Kent, Tom Flanagan, Ken Boessenkool, Arthur Hamilton, Jenni Byrne et al.. and now, Justin Trudeau et al