Friday, August 11, 2017

Disgraced Jailbird Calls Canadian Media "Asinine"

Lord Constance of Sludgeharbour has come racing to the defence of his BFF, Donald Trump, by slamming Canadian reporters' reaction to the North Korean missile crisis as "asinine."

The focus has not been on the lunacy of the North Korean regime and the consequences of that country becoming a nuclear power, capable of delivering ICBM’s on North America, but rather on what has become the heavy Canadian addiction to imputing the basest and stupidest motive and meaning to any utterance of the president of the United States.

Now as the honorary colonel of the legendary Foreskin Fusiliers, Lord Trump knows a thing or two about military matters. What I don't know is why that Brit (remember he renounced Canadian citizenship), a convicted felon and jailbird, is still doing in our country.


John's Aghast said...

Does he have ANY idea how asinine he looks?
Oh my gawd!

The Mound of Sound said...

In a word, John, "no."

Anonymous said...

Send him back to the UK and let them deal with the man who is never wrong. I presume (well who else could it be but The Control Freak?) it was harper who decided Conrad could resettle his phat pompous arse back here and granted him dispensation to do so. Nobody has even really bleated about it.

I've seen enough of those cheapo Global TV shows about CBSA that even I know that persons with jail time/convictions are inadmissable to Canada unless they're citizens, so strings were pulled somehow but who really did it and profited remains an open question. Pity it wasn't with a condition he keep his trap shut.

Has Black got any money left, and if so, why? He ripped off enough people/companies so far as I care to recall from that book written about him and the implication was he didn't have enough to cover his ass. Yet there he sits like Jabba the Hutt in the GTA enjoying life, still telling everyone else off as always. Because you know, we're all stupid uneducated peasants.