Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Obama: America Can't Afford to Lose This One.

Barack Obama's endorsement of Joe Biden wrapped up in a call to action.


Trailblazer said...

If there was ever an absence of worthwhile political leaders , it is now.
Throughout the western world we have seen and endured 'the best money can buy' and they have failed miserably.

Paid for politics is at the heart of most of our problems.


The Disaffected Lib said...

Difficult times call for a calibre of leadership that seems to have faded away during the neoliberal era. It takes character, especially vision and courage. These are traits that, to me, seem absent in Mr. Trudeau. He's hesitant, unsure of himself, uncomfortable with making decisive calls in difficult circumstances.

His father was sometimes called the 'philosopher prince' as a pejorative. Yet he carefully sized up situations, thought them through, and made tough calls that were usually far easier to dislike than to dispute. Years after PET left office polls showed that, while he was widely disliked, he was even more widely respected. Isn't that the hallmark of real leadership?

Trailblazer said...

Agree with him or not PE Trudeau was a man of principle and intellect.

He also had the luxury of a more diverse news media and, the great spoiler of our times, the internet.

Absolutely no present day politician that I can think of has Pierres strength of character.
Modern day politicians are the product of those that financed their position in parliament or it's similar or their position on social media.

I wonder if being a politician is no longer about politics anymore?


The Disaffected Lib said...

It seems that people are drawn to politics today for the sake of being in politics and all that gives them. They no longer seem drawn to service as they were. There are no Mike Pearsons, no Pierre Trudeaus, no Diefenbakers or St. Laurents or Lauriers.

Look at Iggy. Supposedly a brilliant man he came to lead the Liberal party, perhaps expecting that he would be swept into power. Yet, once in office, he was a dud. When Canada fell into that damned recession, Ignatieff had a golden chance to formulate a stimulus budget and force Harper to accept it or call an election. Instead Iggy took the extended Christmas holiday to finish a book on his maternal ancestors, the Grants. Like a fool, he came back to Parliament empty handed, nothing to offer the Canadian people in a time of worry and need. Instead he had to back Harper's truly pathetic stimulus budget, compounding his disgrace with boastful promises that he was putting Harper "on probation." That's when I had to accept that there was no longer a place for me in the Liberal ranks.

Northern PoV said...


Many people (mea culpa) follow charisma only to end up with failed leadership.
Examples: Obama, Blair.

And nowadays more folks mistake celebrity for charisma.
Example #1: Trudeau Jr.

The Disaffected Lib said...

NPoV, it's true we've fallen for charisma. I expect charisma played an important role in Trudeau's narrow 'win' over Scheer.

I'm less critical of Obama than you are. There is not much a president, blocked at every turn by a hostile Congress, can achieve. From the day Obama was sworn into office the Republicans said their main job, their only job, was to block anything and everything he proposed. And they did. I think you might want to cut the guy a bit of slack. America doesn't have kings, the present occupant excepted, and presidents don't walk on water either.

lungta said...

ye besty likes the biden
or ye gets da trump agin