Wednesday, April 01, 2020

While You're Waiting for that Cheque from Ottawa

While you're waiting for that relief cheque from Ottawa, here's a word to keep in mind, "Phoenix."

Phoenix is the system the Harper government introduced in 2011 to streamline paycheque services for Canada's public service.  It was a screw-up then and it's still a screw-up.

The Liberal government that succeeded Harper inherited this mess and has been struggling with it ever since. Canada's minister of digital government, Joyce Murray,  said that "Canada's hard-working employees should be paid accurately and on time." Last month it was announced that SAP Canada would soon be testing various fixes to debug Phoenix. According to ITCanada, the testing is expected to take a year.

While you're praying you don't catch Covid-19 it wouldn't hurt to throw in a little prayer that your relief cheque isn't processed through Phoenix.

BTW, by the time the next round of testing is done, it'll mark the 10th anniversary of the Phoenix system. Ten years to perhaps fix a screwed-up payroll system. Remember what people once managed to do in ten years? (you can pick this up at the 2:00 mark)


Toby said...

That occurred to me. Phoenix is a mess.

I get the sense that the Morneau is more interested in saving corporations (including oil and gas) than desperate people.

The wait may be longer than we thought. Did you see this?

“It’s more and more [unlikely] that we’re going to be able to get back to full normal life — which I miss a lot — before at least the summer, and then we need to start preparing ourselves for the potential of a second wave in the fall,” she said.

The Disaffected Lib said...

It didn't take long searching the CDC and its Brit and Canadian counterparts to realize there's a consensus that a pandemic is a two-wave, sometimes a three-wave contagion. Experience shows that the second wave is the most deadly.

I'm almost proud that the BC medical officer is preparing us for that second-wave reality. Most say nothing. Trump and Company are giving the distinct impression this is a "one and done" affliction, deliberately misleading the American people. That should be a capital offence.

the salamander said...

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The Disaffected Lib said...

What does it tell us, Sal, that the two most recent Tar Patch initiatives have been government financed/backed pipelines that the private sector won't touch? Why are we subsidizing petro-capitalism? What do pols such as Trudeau and Kenney fear so much that they're willing to throw billions on bad deals, especially in these trying and uncertain times? Is the public clamoring for any of this? The obvious answer is "no." Then it must be another triumph of the private interest over the public interest.

the salamander said...

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