Thursday, September 15, 2016

Wherein Rafe Mair Outs BC Green Leader, Andrew Weaver, As a Closet Christy Clark Liberal

It took the Boycott/Sanction/Divest controversy to smoke him out but Andrew Weaver, erstwhile leader of the British Columbia Green Party is anything but Green. Rafe Mair has Weaver's number.

It's small wonder Weaver is threatening to rename the BC Green Party. Even he can't bear to continue his dark farce.

Dr. Weaver, I'd thank you for your service - if only you deserved thanks. You don't, I can't, I won't.


Toby said...

Rafe Mair said, "Well it would take a pretty devout Liberal, half in the bag to boot, to call Christy Clark good, yet the signs are she will still be premier after May 7, 2017."

I may be wrong but I think Christy Clark is very popular, especially with women voters. I regularly hear about how good she is doing. If we only look on the surface the BCLibs look to be doing okay. It isn't until we sit up and pay attention that the smoke blows away. What Clark does best is smile for the cameras.

That ad with Christy Clark explaining that we need to create jobs is very well done. The thing is, the BCNDP should have made that ad. As usual, the BCNDP leadership is studying its collective navel.

The Mound of Sound said...

I share your frustration, Toby. Not that I'm fond of the NDP (Harcourt the exception) but they remain in name and fact the political opposition in BC, our one and only realistic choice. They're the best thing Christy Clark has going for her.