Thursday, September 01, 2016

Hey Slick. You Want to Open Some Offices?

The Dauphin is at it again. This time he used his visit to China to announce that Canada will be setting up seven new offices to process visa applications for Chinese tourists wishing to visit our country.

If it's offices he wants to open, how about offices in China for the Canadian Revenue Agency to investigate the assets and undeclared income of wealthy Chinese immigrating to Canada, the same crowd that has already ruined what had been Canada's best city, Vancouver.

My first home was in a tidy, middle class neighbourhood on Vancouver's west side, Arbutus. Homes then went for about well under $200,000. Today those houses demand a tear down price of up to $2.5-million. It's wealthy Chinese who are buying these houses. Many of the properties stand vacant.

The startling thing is that Arbutus neighbourhood has become the "poorest" in Vancouver. That's poorest in terms of declared or taxable income. Our kids have no hope of living in the neighbourhood where they were born and raised but the people who can seemingly have no income for taxation purposes. What's with that, Junior? Why don't you open a few offices in China to come up with some answers?


Toby said...

Also, Mound, maybe the Chinese should be setting up offices in Vancouver to investigate their corrupt officials who have fled to Vancouver with their stolen money. Both countries could benefit from prosecuting tax cheats and white collar crooks.

Dana said...

When I came here just a few minutes ago the headings across the top of the screen which are usually in English were in Arabic. When I refreshed they returned to English.

Has your support for BDS gone that far? :-)

John B. said...

Depending on their connections, I think it's likely that at least some of the Chinese nationals secreting or laundering their assets in Canada are in possession of temporary stay-out-of-jail permits.

By the way, whatever happened to Lai Changxing and Chang Zheng? Better yet: why them and not everybody else? Of course, we "should not be blinded" by differences that might be highlighted "by questions of human rights and thus ignore the overall interests of co-operation". After all, we know that "China faces such differences squarely and never sidesteps them".

Kim said...

It's unfortunate you so often stoop to name calling; your writing suggests someone smart enough to get by without the childish taunts; but maybe not.


The Mound of Sound said...

Dana, you're the only person who has mentioned anything like that. It would suggest that your system might be the source of your problem. I've never seen it or heard of it on my computer.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sorry, Kim, but I have no fond feelings for this character. Odd that no one complained when I cast the odd epithet toward Harper. You certainly didn't.

Dana said...

Yeah, I know it probably originated here but I couldn't resist the dig. :-)

Anonymous said...

The Chinese are also buying small Canadian businesses as a way to enter Canada.
The sad thing for the employees , who are often ignorant to the fact, the Chinese will buy the business; cough up $150,000 in improvements then after two years close it down .
They are then free to roam Canada and launder their money.


The Mound of Sound said...

Dana, maybe it's time you steered clear of those Arab porn sites. Really, at your age?

Dana said...

It's the head coverings.

Unknown said...

Holding the chinese accountable for their real estate holding in Canada, along with their undeclared income is not in the cards Mound. After all it would benefit Canadians and these days the interest of Canadians is of no interest to Trudeau.

I can't wait to see the "trade" deals he signs with China as he gives away the farm and our sovereignty, if he is in fact allowed to do these deals. The US goal is to reincorporate Indochina into the US dominated Neoliberal global system. I don't think the US will want to give China the power, because of the investors protection clause, they will achieve if signing these "trade" deals with Canada.

This is a power that only the US wants to wield. The TPP excludes China for a reason. FIPA is already in place, so there's not much the US can do about that.

The US decides Canadian foreign policy including "trade" deals with China. The several decades of the US created neoliberal ideological offensive is a strategy in their plan called "Tilt to Asia." Trudeau wll be a tool manipulated to go along with this plan.

My guess is that Trudeau doesn't have a clue about the US's attempt to exclude and isolate China and ultimately to dominate it.

I could care less about Trudeau's attractive looks and personality.It is his intelligence, knowledge of world politics and courage to make the hard decisons because they reflect the interests of Canadians, that interest me.

What he is saying and doing after being in government for only 10 months is an indicator of what we can expect in the future. Weep for Canada. A democratic, sovereign nation destroyed by its own government.

Anonymous said...

The Governments of the West sold out to big business years ago.
What Trudeau says or does not say is of little consequence just as G W Bush , Obama or any other head of state , the exception is Putin.
Expecting a wonder kid to protect the interests of the masses is just unrealistic regardless of political affiliation.


Steve said...

we need to tax monster homes out of existance. Tax them till they forfiet and then put up Singapore public housing with the funds.

Anonymous said...

Great post Mound. I've been reading your blog for a while now you got some good articles. You'd never get a story like this on a blog run by a certain Trudeau sympathizer.