Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Moore Too Far

Victory has a thousand fathers but defeat is an orphan.

So, who gets credit for the razor-thin victory in yesterday's Alabama Senate vote and who gets the blame for the loss?

You could say that the Republican candidate, Roy Moore, deserves most of the credit for the Democrat, Doug Jones' win. Moore exposed just how godawful bad a Republican has to be in Alabama for a Democrat to win and that's bloody godawful. It's a safe bet that had Trump's initial choice, Luther Strange, been on the ballot, Doug Jones would have joined the long list of Democratic losers.

Some credit also goes to Alabama women who, according to exit polls, went heavily to Jones. Same, same for the black vote. Both groups turned out in good numbers, good enough to eke out a win over the white male vote that was always pro-Moore, the "hell or high water" voters.

The losers include the lecher, Moore himself, with his rich history of chasing post-pubescent girls in his town while he was a district attorney. Eew, creepy, yuck. Banned from the local mall? Roy's probably lucky no one had come up with those TV sting shows back then.

Runner-up honours must go to anarchist/insurgent, Trump advisor Steve Bannon who was instrumental in helping Moore defeat his conventional Republican rival, Luther Strange.

Then there's the Republican National Committee and Congressional Republicans who, at first recoiled from Moore but then decided that throwing up a little bit in their mouths was okay and rallied behind Moore. That's a pretty powerful declaration of how low they will set the bar for entry into their ranks. The GOP is NAMbLA friendly or seems to have those leanings.

And also putting in a good showing was America's deviant in chief, beauty pageant Peeping Tom and groper extraordinaire, the one and only Mango Mussolini, Donald Trump. The Lard-Ass in Golfing Pants not only switched his support to Moore but urged voters to ignore the candidate's sordid past because, like Trump himself, Moore denied everything.

In other words, it's back to the boonies for Moore but the RNC, the Congressional Republican caucus and its leadership, and their deranged president, well they come out of this covered in shit, Roy Moore's to be exact. It's going to take a good long while for them to scrape off that filth. My guess is they won't even try. They'll just hope the voters eventually get used to the smell and don't even notice.

The one ray of hope for the GOP this morning is that they're still squared off against the Democrats.


Owen Gray said...

The good news is there is a limit beyond which even Alabamans won't go.

The Mound of Sound said...

I felt buoyed by the result, Owen, but then reality came crashing down.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

I think those latest way-over-the-top ultra-cajoling-to-the-point-of being-practically-coercive robocalls of President Trump's to the citizens of Alabama implying "total destruction of his 'American agenda' if Moore didn't win" kind of finally pushed everything over the edge.

Kind of enjoyed seeing fate get "one up on" the current commander-in-chief.
He has a "too big for his britches" persona that can be quite grating.

the salamander said...

.. so many individual aspects.. any of which, yet all..
deserve recognition of affecting the end result..
which we all know was by a narrow margin..
There was a huge turnout.. approx 50% of eligible votors
yet obvious attemps by police to deter many votors
plus fraudulent robocalls re new location for polling centers
All in all they certainly take their election fraud seriously
in the great State of Alabama !

I could must continue with big mouth asshat in chief Trump..
and move on to rancid man himself, Steve Bannon.
Then you have Moore, pretending he's a horseman, arriving like a showboat to vote
The bizzaro anecdote by a Moore ally re going to a brothel with underage prostitutes ?
and Moore's wife with her odd boast of have a Jew as an attorney ?
Hell, Huckabee Sanders alone could cost you an election

But there are those accusations of sexual assault amd harassment
and the ridiculous extremist religious posturing of Moore
but but but.. and the extremist base of GOP vs anything Democrat..

It was beyond stupid to observe.. it was farcical
but somehow enough coherent folk from Alabama
arived to vote & flip Moore outta there
and all his enablers deserve a throat punch for idiocy..
You can cycle back to my first comments..
loop them to this ending.. and run the stange facts again
Its quite illuminating.. !

Ben Burd said...

Being a cynic can I really believe that Jones will be a Democrat that will join with other Dems to right the Senate?

Analysts are now calling Jones to cross party lines, to represent Alabamian values. Maybe!