Thursday, December 21, 2017

Forcillo Charged with Perjury, Obstruction

Life seems to be going from bad to worse for disgraced Toronto cop, James Forcillo, appealing the attempted murder conviction for his slaughter of Sammy Yatim on a street car in 2013.

Forcillo was arrested for breaching the conditions of his bail but now he's facing charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. Unfortunately there's no information on what Forcillo did to receive those extra charges.


Anonymous said...

They may have updated the story since you posted, but the reasons for the new charges are in the article.

Forcillo's bail conditions required him to live with his surety, his now ex-wife. But Forcillo had some side action going, and apparently rented an apartment to facilitate that. The article skips this bit, but chances are the wife found out and decided to get even by removing herself as surety. The cops then had to go looking for their colleague and found him at the apartment.

Forcillo apparently told police and the court that he was at his girlfriend's apartment temporarily. But with his name on the lease, those claims are looking dubious.


The Mound of Sound said...

I still don't see where the perjury comes from, Cap. Lying under oath? When? To whom?

Anonymous said...

The article says he'd filed an application to vary his bail but was arrested before it was heard. The application would have included an affidavit explaining the reasons for the variation. If the affidavit differed from the evidence uncovered by police, you'd have grounds for the new charges.


Anonymous said...

A little googling turned up this article from a local cable news channel that supports my conjecture.


the salamander said...

.. the wheels.. seemingly of a Toronto streetcar, roll over Forcillo..
Here in Toronto, I recall clearly, trying to comprehend the facts that simply would not go away, of the fatal night for Sammy Yatim. When 1/2 of a collision - seeking another 1/2 of a collision - met one in James Flrcillo. Sammy of course, was f_cked up.. and Forcillo of course, was too. A latent brutality exemplar seeking a tidy victim.

Sammy of course is dead.. a tough one kid.. messing in public with John (James) Law.. and Forcillo has been peeled like a banana in public, as a classic example of what goes wrong, when the police force is in charge of the selection process, to hire police trainees, to fill out the ranks of police officers.. and gives them a lethel weapon. But then we've seen the scenario again, again & again.. mainly in the US of A. Nothing new here folks.. just that same old musty, mouldy smell of suppressed frustration, armed with a legal gun.. and dunked in the rigid protocol & practices of 'policing'..

I can't find much else to say.. Forcillo is moving along with his 'life' and soon to be new wife. His children of course burdened with the flawed thoughts and bizarre action of their father.. and his former & supportive wife, now either working or hoping adequate support or assistance trickles from.. ? Whom? And perhaps trying to fathom who it is or was.. she married & lived with in Vaughn, Ontario.. in the heart of Julian Fantino political territory.. a sad, tragic tale winds n grinds along.. ugh .. a cautionary tale for all.. of 'natural comsequence'