Monday, December 11, 2017

So It Was a "Hard Decision," So What? British Columbia's New Dems Will Finish What Christy Started.

I hate it when they grovel but that's exactly what British Columbia's NDP premier, Jim Horgan, did in announcing his government will complete the environmental catastrophe known as the Site C hydroelectric dam. Oh, wailed Big Jim, it was a vewy, vewy difficult decision, a real ball buster.

"At the end of the day, we've come to a conclusion that, although Site C is not the project we would have favoured or would have started, it must be completed," said Premier John Horgan in announcing the decision.

"This is a very, very divisive issue, and will have profound impact … for a lot of British Columbians. We have not been taking this decision lightly."

The NDP government had been debating whether to continue the construction of the dam — which will displace farmers and indigenous communities as it floods 5,500 hectares of the Peace River valley — or cancel the work midway through the job.

And, of course, it has nothing to do with the construction unions that were twisting Horgan's arm for the go ahead.

At least the BC Greens didn't capitulate along with Horgan.

"Today, Site C is no longer simply a B.C. Liberal boondoggle — it has now become the B.C. NDP's project. They are accountable to British Columbians for the impact this project will have on our future," said Green Party leader Andrew Weaver in a statement.

"We have seen what is happening to ratepayers in Newfoundland because of Muskrat Falls, a similar project, where rates are set to almost double. I am deeply concerned that similar impacts are now in store for B.C. ratepayers."

Weaver says the Site C dam was originally intended to provide cheap, subsidized electricity to encourage natural gas producers to deliver Christy Clark's economic miracle. Like most examples of magical thinking that LNG market never came to pass.

One thing about the Site C dam is its power to bring out the bootlicking turncoat in politicians including Trudeau's justice minister, Jody Wilson Raybould, seen here in her previous job as AFN Regional Chief for British Columbia.


Anonymous said...

Wait till it's built, then they'll privatize BC Hydro.


The Mound of Sound said...

Jeebus, you do know how to ruin a guy's day.

Anonymous said...

-vote green
-13 years of flat demand
-buying IPP premium pay power and selling surplus power -sounds like a lawsuit.
-Moodys debt credit downgrade potential
-less money for other items beacuse of 11 billion mega dam.


3.85 down to 2.85

-keeyask/bipole3- muskrat - site c now

Anonymous said...

No brainer. Hydro will provide firm 1000 MW - on demand.
Native/"fertile" land issues are just a distraction from umm... progress. I mean, the real progress.
Cost overruns? Do not blame hydro power. Blame corruption in construction business/politics and police who look the other way.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's happened in Ontario, so you can be sure it's coming to BC. You know the drill by now - run up a massive debt, respond by cutting services, wait for those services to buckle under the strain and then say the private sector can do better. Works every time.


Trailblazer said...

Some say this is missing from the decision making..


Toby said...

That NAWAPA pops up every few years. The US Army Corps of Engineers mapped out the whole of North America (and maybe the rest of the world). Most of those were discounted as soon as they were issued. Does NAWAPA have any future? Is Site C part of that? Who knows? Maude Barlow has been worried about water ever since Mulroney's Free Trade deal.

Trailblazer said...

Maude Barlow has been worried about water ever since Mulroney's Free Trade deal.

And with just cause.
Water is one of the biggest issues of our time.

Also , consider the map with this older post.

If We Can't Save Our Soil, How Can We Save Mankind?

Notice on the map that the peace region would seem to have , at this time, good soil!

Bit off subject; but if the Greens cannot armwrestle the NDP to have proportional representation , after the current boondoggle, they will certainly make the Government fall.


The Mound of Sound said...

I've read a comment in which Horgan seems to be trying to weasel out on electoral reform. A newcomer, third party like the Greens might wrest too much power from the mainstream parties, narrowing if not extinguishing the prospect of majority governments.

Toby said...

After this Site C decision Horgan and the NDP will need all the election reform it can get.

theo said...

NDP - take 12 gauge, load with double ought
aim carefully at left foot
blow off left foot
explain why it was necessary to blow off left foot

NDP = dickheads

Truly stunningly stupid people

and we wonder why progressive people don’t vote
this is precisely why

Anonymous said...

Anyong....does any politician in this country have any guts?