Thursday, December 28, 2017

Maybe This Is a Good Thing

Imagine if he'd been away golfing the entire year?


Toby said...

Notice that the Democrats do most of the work.

Anonymous said...

Away golfing the entire year would have been a significantly improvement. I worry more about his days at the office.


The Mound of Sound said...

Me too, Cap. Me too.

the salamander said...

.. the 'split' ..
between the delusional
and the coherent Americans
will be key.. going forward

Its probably what determines the extent
or depth of the coming civil unrest

After all, that's what Bannon is pimping
and Trump is just a useful, albiet loud, useful A-hole

Bannon probably absorbed every single US state secret
not to mention Israel's dirty laundry
and all n sundry other nations dirt or factional genocides

Feebs like D Bank Ruptus tRumph who can barely read
or his feeb son in law Kushner or idiot elder sons
are hardly in Bannon's league

I envision Bannon stoking the pus sack president, GOP
and other delusional dangerous creeps like Alex Jones
with international, top secret gossip
or fantastical conspiracy crap.
aided by former 4 Star generals & financial CEO's
with long & short game - high reward agendas

This is 'the trough time' for all the Trumps
No matter how laughable, stupid or cruel..
they're already in there wallowing & bellowing..
and dragging away bags of money or favors..

Just selling out the Environment
to Big Energy has an astonishing payoff
Stephen Harper realized this
and so does every House or Senate GOP..

Anonymous said...

Anyong....first thing I thought was: Hmmmm Republicans keep running up the tax payers bills.

The Mound of Sound said...

Anyong, I would suggest that the costs of Trump's truancies has been inconsequential compared to the damage he's inflicted on America, and the world, when he's been sitting behind the Resolute desk.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sal, it is a blatant kleptocracy. No question there. This entire year has been an exercise in feathering the nest of senior Republicans and their affluent patrons, the "donor class." I expect your take on Bannon is also disturbingly accurate. He probably took no end of trade secrets with him as he exited the White House, good stuff of lasting utility and immeasurable value.

It could also be argued that the tax bill was sheer alchemy, transforming what had been tax evasion (a felony) into perfectly legal tax avoidance for the richest of the rich including Trump and his litter of hellspawn.

Trailblazer said...

r Republicans and their affluent patrons, the "donor class."

With every tax break, the donor class make the 1% look like pawpers.
When so much wealth is concentrated in to so few hands we enter the world of ' Post Truth'.
Wealth is now so concentrated that a few decide directly or indirectly what the world news you read and see is fact!
When you reach a certain level of wealth, where your necessities of life are no longer an issue and your influence is a foregone conclusion , just where do you direct your attention?
The modern day mogul has become godlike in both his or her attitude to the issues of modern man.
Look to Elon Musk ot Bill Gates to see just how they 'think' they can mould world events to their thoughts?
Many others aspire to that condition ; Trump being the most obvious.


rww said...

CEOs don't have to do the work just make sure the job gets done. #sarcasm

Anonymous said...

Trump is a businessman. They actually do business while playing golf. But I think the results speak for themselves. Trump has accomplished more in his first year than all presidents post-Eisenhower combined.

He stopped the TPP and is reversing the globalization outsourcing bloodbath destroying the Western economy. He's renegotiating NAFTA which neoliberals promised to do in the past, but were just lying.

He handled Assad's use of chemical weapons deftly applying the right amount of diplomatic and military pressure to show the US will not tolerate this behavior without triggering war with Russia.

He's got the entire world on his side in his efforts to stop a crazy boy dictator/cult-leader from developing nuclear ICBM capabilities.

He's standing up to Chinese mercantilism. (The Chinese state newspaper 'Global Times' stated "China never thought that the era of Beijing-Washington competition would come so soon.")

The economy is finally starting to recover after 8 years of quagmire. GDP growth is rising above 3%. Consumer confidence at a 20-year high. Unemployment at a 20-year low.

Last he did something Obama never thought to do while in office: he represented his own people. I.e., trust-fund kiddies by eliminating the estate tax! Obama left his people to rot in Big City Liberal inner-city ghettos and private-prison sweatshops.

Anonymous said...

Mound, I see from the comments from Anon 9:01 that the Psych Ward staff have forgotten to turn off the PC in the lounge area again.

mr perfect

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, Mr. Perfect, he is something. He has every NewsMax talking point digested and ready for regurgitation including plenty of Trump's chart-topping prevarications. However I indulge him provided he restrains his impulses to demean others. He used to be much, much worse but I think he's settling down a bit.