Friday, December 01, 2017

Trump Challenged Obama to Produce His Birth Certificate. Why Can't America (And Her Allies) Challenge Trump to Have His Sanity Tested?

It's pretty clear to anyone now that Donald Trump is no longer in control of his emotions, perhaps even detached from reality.

Everyone, every sitting Congressman, is glued to his or her seat watching the beast rot out. But even that isn't enough to get them to put country ahead of party, just for once.  If Trump can get re-elected they won't mind if he starts running around the White House on all fours naked and barking like a dog.

Trump certainly felt within his own rights to demand Barack Obama produce his birth certificate. Surely the American people are entitled to have a team of competent physicians certify their president's mental health.


fibbs said...

Trump will remain in power as long as the billionaires that bought and paid for the Republican party want him to be. The only question I would now have as an American would be whether it was American billionaires or Russian Oligarchs that bought the current Congress and I guess whether any of it matters anymore.

Anonymous said...

@fibbs- You are spewing nonsense.
'Trump will remain in power as long as the billionaires that bought and paid for the Republican party"
Trump was brought to Presidency by THE people (with a little help of his Russian friends) who despised the swamp. That very swamp happily inhabited by Hillary and her billionaire backers. Republican party establishment tried in vain to block Trump!

@Mound My guesstimate is that 50% of Trump's outbursts are part of a deliberate strategy to keep opponents off-balance. The other 50% seems to be genuine ;-(

ffibs said...

Anon: only the Republicans can get rid/impeach Trump, Mueler can't charge no matter what he may find. All he can do is report to Congress who then could impeach and the Republicans control Congress and the billionaires own the Republicans and as you point out then DNC.
So back to my point Trump will be there until the billionaires who own the Swamp decide that they no longer want him there.
Oh and about the people, the minority of people who voted for Trump, they don't have a voice.

John B. said...

I think there might be more than one swamp and some of the reptiles may have nests in several of them.