Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Aspers May Be Gone But NatPo Is As Stupid As Ever

"Canada a Big Presence in Libya,
Despite UN Snub"
According to Post Media's brain trust, Steven Edwards,  "Surely Muslim states now regret having spearheaded the drive to keep Canada off the United Nations Security Council last October."

Steve notes that Canada is the only country that stood for that last Security Council seat that is now militarily involved in Libya.   Germany is keeping its distance and Portugal, he notes, hasn't contributed anything militarily.
But Canadians should expect no thanks from the 57-member Organization of the Islamic Conference, the world’s biggest Islamic coalition, for already deploying a frigate and six fighter jets to help enforce the internationally authorized no-fly zone over Libya — and for announcing Thursday two maritime patrol planes will be added to the deployment.

A senior Islamic official said Muslims would be skeptical of Canada’s intentions, “if asked.”

Apparently those Arab ingrates are underwhelmed by Canada's adventure in Libya.   It seems, to them, that our indifference to the Palestinian cause is the yardstick by which we are to be judged.   Really?  Oh trust those Arabs to bring that up.   Sheesh!

Who is this Steve Edwards, a Glenn Beck wannabe?

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LeDaro said...

Yes U.S,Canada and other NATO countries are protecting civilians in Libya!! Fox News is happy that it will boost the U.S economy as there will be a need to produce more Tomahawk Missiles –so much for protecting the civilians. When it comes to Palestinians someone said it well that “they need not apply”.