Thursday, March 17, 2011

Harper Slammed for Missing Out on 150,000 Canadian Jobs

Steve Harper's stimulus budget, more properly called the "Pinata Budget," was a colossal waste of tax dollars.  Gee, really?  But wait, there's more.   With the money Harper squandered he could have used it instead to create 150,000 Canadian jobs.

A report by the Pembina Institute, funded by the British High Commission
"offers evidence that the Harper Government’s “Economic Action Plan” short-changed the environment and missed its primary objective of job creation."

"Not only did the government stimulus money produce too few green jobs, says the report, but it missed the chance to create at least another 150,000 jobs through a wise investment of that money.

"The British High Commission’s funding for the report, Reducing Pollution, Creating Jobs, came as no surprise to anyone who noticed the island nation’s growing alarm over global warming."

The Pembina report contends that, invested wisely, the stimulus spending could have created 238,000 jobs instead of the paltry 84,000 actually achieved.
But don't fret.  The stimulus spending was all borrowed money anyway meaning you can pass it along to your kids to repay.

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Anonymous said...

Leaving aside the report's findings, what I find disturbing is that the British High Commission is even involved in funding this! Commissioner Andrew Pocock is nowhere to be found in the latest Embassy Mag's ranking of dips who make a difference in affecting Canadian foreign policy and its nonstop gossip about Canadian politicians is not the reason. It's this kind of in your face diplomacy that is met with stony silence by government and really is counterproductive.