Thursday, March 17, 2011

"We Are Coming Tonight ...We Will Find You in Your Closets."

That was the greeting Libya's mad despot Muammar Gaddafi had for the people of Benghazi, the last major holdout of the anti-government uprising.  Gaddafi's resurgent forces are said to be preparing to move on the city.

The New York Times reports the UN Security Council may finally be ready to pass a resolution authorizing a "no fly zone" and other measures supposedly intended to halt Gaddafi's forces as though at this point that could possibly matter.

The paper says that Obama in his by now routine "dollar short/day late" approach to virtually everything finally realizes the proposed no fly zone would be ineffective and favours more direct aerial intervention including air strikes on Gaddafi's tanks and artillery.  Mrs. Clinton was in Tunisia today where she said the US really doesn't have any choice now but to support the Libyan rebels.

This is a man who has no conscience and will threaten anyone in his way.”
She added that Colonel Qaddafi would do “terrible things” to Libya and its neighbors. “It’s just in his nature. There are some creatures that are like that.”

Eliminating the mad Colonel's aircraft, tanks and artillery, is a job that ought to have been given to the Egyptians weeks ago.    If it had, Gaddafi & Company would already be out of business.


sassy said...

Is this a case of too little too late?

Oemissions said...

they should be sending in the troops too

The Mound of Sound said...

What's needed is to take out Gaddafi's heavy weapons - his strike fighters, his tanks, his artillery. In a place like Libya with a lot of open desert that's not hard to do. Put the rebels on an even footing and Muammar's backers will probably begin deserting his side fairly quickly.

I don't want to harp on this but the West (and the UN) should have handed Egypt the work order for this one three weeks ago.