Sunday, March 20, 2011

Now Steve, Keep It In Your Pants

It's no wonder he comes across as a cold fish.   Nothing, it seems, gets our prime monster's blood coursing like some good, old fashioned bombing.  He reminds me of that John Candy hick character/movie reviewer and his line, "It blowed up goood, it blowed up reeeal goood."

Steve's short fuse was apparently lit by his decision to send six CF-18s to Sicily in support of the other white guys looking to kick a little Libyan ass.   It's made Steve so embarrassingly hot that he referred to it as an "act of war."   An act of war?  Really, Steve?

"We should not kid ourselves. Whenever you engage in military action - essentially acts of war - these are difficult situations."  

Sounds like real Crusader talk to me.   So, if Canada is now at war with Libya, committing "acts of war" and everything, isn't somebody supposed to sign off on this, get a Declaration of War or something like that?  I know the Americans don't like to do that but that's because they like to cover their tracks, call their wars something else entirely, retain a lot of diplomatic weasel room.

And just what is so difficult in sending six airplanes and a couple of hundred of the hired help over there?   You did, after all, get a convenient vacation from Ottawa.   You got to sit at a big table with all the real leaders and they even tossed in dinner to boot.

BTW Steve, if we were going to send Canadian CF-18s over there, why didn't we go to Spain?   They're the only Euro player that flies the F-18.   They've got all the F-18 gear and gizmos, not the Italians.   I guess that's just too difficult a situation to figure out.


Robert McClelland said...
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Anonymous said...

"So, if Canada is now at war with Libya, committing "acts of war" and everything, isn't somebody supposed to sign off on this, get a Declaration of War or something like that?"

No the use of military force has always been at the discretion of the crown in the Westminster system.

It's the US consitution has gives only Congress the power to declare war. It's a frequent subject of conversation that the US just ignores this because it's in their constitution, not because it's typical for countries to require it.

istvan said...

Please don't call him Steve,his mother dos not like it.And being a Steven I don't like it either.I think he should be called Stephy.I would bet that the pudgy,pastey faced Stephy has never had to do any hard phisical work.Look at the boy,and he was elected to be our PRIME MINISTER!

LeDaro said...

There are some questions as to who should lead the Libya invasion/no fly zone. U.S does not want to be the leader in this case. Why not make Steve the leader?

The Mound of Sound said...

Only if they can find way to sling the bugger to the bottom of an F-18 wing.

marie said...

Hello mound, I detest Steve as much as you do and that is the very reason why we need to vote those parasites out this year. Too not vote allows him to continue being the PM. It seems that you are paying far to much attention to the attack ads and the G&M ,right wing media and not allowing any sort of open minded reasoning on your own. Yes, I too am pissed off at the antics of Gretien but for god’s sake, give Mr Ignaieff at the very least a chance to speak for himself in the election campaign instead of the Media and attack ads against him. You may find that he is not such a bad person and has many great polices coming up.
Reason for not releasing polices sooner should be very plain to most by now. The Cons haven’t got a clue what Canadians really need so they just sit back and wait for the liberals before stealing bits and pieces and making them there’s.

I personally will wait to see what there polices are and that will come as soon as the campaign begins. Of that I am very sure. M Ignatieff was not my first choice for the leader but in the end, he may turn out to be the best choice. I am willing to give him time to prove to me that he is.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi Marie. I suggeest you read my piece "why won't our politicians discuss what really matters."

As for Ignatieff, I've heard enough. He initiated the extension of Canadian Forces' mission in Afghanistan post-2011. He pre-absolved Israel of its excesses in the Gaza invasion. He maintains the Athabasca Tar Sands are the "beating heart of the Canadian economy" for the 21st century and even a "key to national unity." Take your pick. Those are so un-Liberal that I've heard enough from this character.

I will not vote for someone I do not believe will serve our national interest. My patriotism and my conscience won't let me do that.