Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is There More to Bruce Carson?

A usually-well informed Tory source has passed along a couple of interesting additions to the Bruce Carson saga.

It seems Carson's troubles go back to his tenure with the Ottawa Carleton Regional Municipality.  He apparently left OCRM under some sort of cloud.   From there he reputedly scarpered off to Soloway Wright & Co. where he got caught dipping into the trust funds which led to his disbarment, conviction and imprisonment.

The smoking gun, if it can be proven, is that Harper's PMO was warned "a number of times" not to let Carson anywhere near the prime minister.    If true, who decided to ignore those warnings and why?   What else was going on in Mr. Harper's office that would enable a guy with Carson's record to hop aboard?

It's almost impossible to believe that the RCMP would not have run a security check on Mr. Carson either immediately prior to or subsequent to his appointment.  What did the mounties report?   To whom?   Did the RCMP Commissioner, himself a lifelong Tory functionnaire, have anything to do with Carson's vetting?  It may not be possible to get the whole story through FOI requests but I'll bet it might be possible to get enough to require some clear explanations.

And, by the way, how does a 22-year old living with a 66-year old dodgy ex-con become a "former" escort?

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