Wednesday, March 02, 2011

C'mon. Killing Kids Gathering Firewood?

Nine Afghan kids out gathering firewood were turned into pulp by a NATO helicopter gunship.  The helo crew apparently mistook the children for Talib fighters.

An eleven year old was the sole survivor.   This is his account of the massacre:

We were almost done collecting the wood when suddenly we saw the helicopters come,” said Hemad, who, like many Afghans, has only one name. 

“There were two of them. The helicopters hovered over us, scanned us and we saw a green flash from the helicopters. Then they flew back high up, and in a second round they hovered over us and started shooting. They fired a rocket which landed on a tree. The tree branches fell over me and shrapnel hit my right hand and my side.”

The tree, Hemad said, saved his life by covering him so that he could not be seen by the helicopters, which, he said, “shot the boys one after another.”

US General David Petraeus apologized, calling the incident a "tragedy."  BFD, Dave.

Can we go now?

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