Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to Kill a Tory in British Columbia

Enbridge.  Pipeline.   Oil tanker port.   Kitimat.

There's a smouldering anger among British Columbians about plans to bring oil tanker traffic through treacherous northern BC waters to a tanker port at Kitimat.  In the House of Commons the Tories unanimously voted in support of that pipeline, that port and all that tanker traffic.

The Americans are fighting tooth and nail to prevent a filthy bitumen pipeline running from Athabasca to refineries Texas and they just might win.   The pipeline will be as problematical, perhaps even worse, crossing British Columbia and then there's the prospect of a tanker disaster devastating the pristine coastline.

These Tory bastards are vulnerable on this and they deserve to be taken down for it alone.  Liberal and NDP candidates have to make this a central issue of their campaigns.  It may be the best weapon they have to take down Tory candidates in British Columbia.


LeDaro said...

This is quite a Palinistic headline like her crosshair thing. Careful!

Anonymous said...

Any government in power in Ottawa will have the same problem facing them.