Thursday, March 31, 2011

No "One on One" for Captain Weasel

Yesterday Harper was strutting his stuff, calling for a one on one debate with Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.   Oh yeah, baby, Harper was going to take Iggy to the woodshed for a good thrashing.

Until Iggy said, "fine."

That was Harper's "schoolyard bully" moment.  You know, that moment when someone finally stands up to the punk and says "let's go fatboy."   That ugly moment when the bully's is called and and shows he's a rotten coward.

Today bullyboy says he's not so keen on a one-on-one anymore.  He'd rather devote his time to campaigning, the venue where he doesn't have to answer questions he doesn't want to take.

Today Stephen Harper renamed himself.   He's no longer Prime Minster Harper.  Henceforth, "Captain Weasel" will do nicely.


Saskboy said...

Keen endorsed May today.

(captcha is amens)

Anonymous said...
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