Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When Gaddafi Unleashes His Armour on Pro-Democracy Protesters We Call It A "War Crime."

But when the King of Bahrain and his Saudi backers unleash their heavy machine guns against unarmed Bahraini pro-democracy protesters our leaders just dummy up.  Nobody in holier-than-thou Washington is condemning the Bahraini king for crimes against humanity.   No one is calling for his regal ass to be hauled before the International Court of Justice.

Hypocrisy?  You betcha.  But, it's not the same.   After all, the Bahraini protesters are Shiite Muslim, the same faith as those buggers in Iran.   They're not the good guys, the Sunni Muslim, the side that filled all those planes that flattened America's embassies, bombed the USS Cole and brought the World Trade Centers down into what became known as "ground zero."

As was pointed out rather well today on Al Jazeera, Shiite Iran wasn't really a factor in Shiite majority Bahrain - not until WE turned our backs on the pro-democracy protesters.  Now, however, as our guys gun down the Shiite protesters in Bahrain's streets we've created a situation in which Iran is the only country siding with the protesters.   We have handed yet another unearned victory to Iran, one Tehran could not have achieved without our direct help.

You see, hypocrisy is a huge problem when you're no longer the world's only superpower and have people believing your military is invincible.   Once that global power illusion bursts the munchkins get all uppity.  It's a lesson that hasn't sunk in with Washington, even after a change of management.  They still believe they can pull this shit with impunity.   Ah - wrong.

Now we're the ones that have to straighten up and fly right.   If we keep playing schoolyard bully we're going to get called out and that's a fight we can no longer win.

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