Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Nuke Fiasco - Winners & Losers

Wow, throw "nuclear" into the mix and suddenly an enormous natural disaster is turned into an atomic Armageddon even if it's nothing of the sort.    There are thousands, possibly tens of thousands of dead folks in Japan right now.  How many of them died in the nuclear plant explosions?   Two thousand maybe?  Five thousand?   Ten?

Hey, Chicken Licken, how bout a little perspective?

It was a wall of sea water and debris that killed those thousands of Japanese, not their nuclear reactors.    It was that same tsunami that knocked out their reactors, not the earthquakes.   So, take a deep breath, grow up and unbunch those panties.

Besides, think about all the winners that are coming out of those nuclear plant failures -  Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Gas, Muammar Gaddafi among them.  Gaddafi, what does he have to gain from this?   Plenty.   While the world's mono-tasking attention is riveted to some remarkably disinteresting reactor buildings where no one is actually dying (inconvenient that, sort of), the democracy revolution that had been sweeping the Middle East is being swept under the carpet.

If it's the death of innocents that gets you all lathered up, how can a natural disaster in Japan that occured last Thursday compete with a mounting man-made disaster underway in the Muslim world?   We're not responsible for the tectonic plates that lie beneath Japan but we will be for the butchery about to spread through the oil lands of the Middle East while we look the other way.

As Gwynne Dyer argues, Muammar Gaddafi is about a week away from handing the world a massive, bloody fait accompli achieved while we sat around with our thumbs up our asses.


LeDaro said...

Some headline read that Japan's Nuclear Nightmare Rated Six Out Of Seven For Severity. The story is evolving and it may get worse. Chernobyl was 7. It is pretty bad. Some nuclear plants in U.S are on the coastline and not immune to Tsunami. The area is also prone to quacks especially San Francisco is built on a fault line which extends into the ocean. Over all it does not look good for nuclear energy.

Situation in Libya is indeed explosive and needs world attention.

The Mound of Sound said...

"Some headlines"? After everything you've seen from the mass media since 9/11 LD, why but why do you put so much credence in their sensationalist crap?

Mark Dierking said...

I agree LeDaro. This is still a developing tragedy with potential ramifications far into the future. There are 1,760 TONS of spent nuclear fuel rods stored on site that could spread radiation across the North Pacific easily if gets into the jet stream. If the cooling systems are not restored very soon, all hell could break loose. Think mutations on a massive scale and a complete disruption to the world economy.......... the next 48 hrs will tell the tale.

To be sure, the current administration and major media are using it to distract from the middle east.