Tuesday, December 09, 2014

We're No Longer Number Last!

Stephen Harper owes his Aussie boyfriend, Tony Abbott, a word of thanks.   The Abbott government's reversal of Australian climate policies has allowed it to displace Canada as the "worst performing industrial country on climate change."


Bill Longstaff said...

The line in the Guardian article that jumped out at me was "if every country in the world performed as well as the highest-ranking countries global temperatures would still likely rise more than 2C." Looks like a warm, very warm, future.

kootcoot said...

I imagine that clown Tony Abbot has brain damage from his boxing days...he certainly acts like it!

Why don't Steve and Tony get a cupboard to hang out in together in romantic bliss?

The Mound of Sound said...

Bill, I think that's an accurate take especially given the World Bank's recent report that we have already "locked in" 1.5C of warming. Our existing emissions have warmed us 0.8C from the pre-industrial era but they'll continue heating the world for more than a century to come. All the additional emissions we're continuing to add will take that 1.5C ever higher. If I was a young person, Bill, I'd be pretty thoroughly pissed off especially with our current crop of petro-pols from all parties.

@ Kootcoot - that's an image I can do without this close to Christmas.