Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Harper's "Surplus" is Ridiculous, Even Outrageous.

There are conjuring acts and then there are just plain scams. However this is Shifty Steve at his finest and his worst.

The Harper government has claimed a surplus of over a billion dollars, breaking a string of six consecutive deficit budgets.

Interesting. We have deficit upon deficit during years of economic growth but a surplus magically appears when the country slides into recession and world oil prices fall into the crapper. That doesn't seem intuitive, does it?

Of course one way for the Harper alchemists to turn lead into gold is to slash spending such as the billion dollars they trimmed out of veterans' pockets or the funding for kiddie porn investigations that the RCMP obediently refunded to the federal treasury, things like that. And like any street hustler that's exactly what Shifty has done.

Responsible governance doesn't screw veterans and kiddie porn victims when times are tough. Decent, moral people don't try to extract political advantage out of those veterans and victims either. No, that's the stuff of indecent, amoral people like our prime minister.

Once again the country and the Canadian people are being shamelessly abused to suit the political agenda of a despicable, loathsome creep.


Lorne said...

My fear, Mound,is that this will put a new spring into Harper's step and lead the easily-led to re-elect him.

John's aghast said...

I take it you don't like him......

Owen Gray said...

We have a surplus and we are in recession. Something doesn't compute, Mound.

The Mound of Sound said...

I have your point, Lorne. I know people who think this evidences prudent fiscal management. They're completely oblivious to the blatant contradiction.

@ Aghast - I certainly can't say he's my favourite pm ever.

@ Owen - It's the shiny thing and Harper knows it will be just the thing for when he bottom trawls for voters.

the salamander said...

.. our PM ..

'I never said Missing Indigenous Woman are not really on my radar'
'I fired Nigel Wright'
'we will not tax Income Trusts'
'I will never appoint an unelected Senator'
'Omnibus Bills are an affront to Democracy'

'Trust Me' .. or was that Armold .. ?

Its a comorbid disorder .. sociopathy & omnipotence.. thriving inside a creep

Troy said...

Succinctly, Harper stole this money out of our hands.
Services and programs across Canada had this money allocated to start and continue their work, but had this money ripped from their fingers before their work could even begin. How many programs can survive this sort of treatment? How many small businesses can sustain operation when what should be their most reliable partner continually keeps shorting on their funding?
My own family's business is done for.