Friday, September 11, 2015

Send In the Clowns

Stephen Harper's election campaign is in a bad way. Right now Laureen would have to tie a pork chop around Steve's neck just to get the dog to play with him. Even the Tory faithful seem to have had their fill of the guy and his shopworn, hollow promises. Stephen Harper has run into the one thing he's always feared and worked so hard to avoid - reality.

Steve's message isn't working. Nobody's buying it. With every election advantage possible - especially cash - his party is languishing well behind in third place.

The measure of just how badly Shifty is faring is in how he exiled Ray Novak and Jenni Byrne back to Ottawa. No campaign bus for them. Word has it that Jenni has been ordered to thoroughly wash the PMO coffee cups - just in case.

So what is a guy like Shifty to do when people just aren't buying his bullshit any longer? Of course. Bring in an outsider, a hired gun, to come up with new bullshit and see if that works.

Don't take this Aussie lightly. David Cameron was in deep trouble halfway through his last campaign and, apparently with this guy's help, he came through with a majority win that surprised everyone.

The opposition needs to depict Harper as a guy so completely out of ideas that he has to hire an outsider to feed him new messages aimed entirely at winning votes, not helping Canada.


lungta said...

will justin win with a juried and ruled by the round contest?
or will tom with a preponderance of the evidence court presentation?
or will it be
the dirty, sand throwing, judge buying, kick you in the crotch, poison your water and hide your resources, pull in the mercenaries propaganda machine?
stay tuned...

Steve said...

deb said...

I hope this fixer isnt successful

WILLY said...

MoS, Crosby has started. Here is his first bit of reality twisting
Harpers new refugee plan to be announced tomorrow with drop a line that they don't want to bringing in the smugglers.

This guy is slime.

Northern PoV said...

I wish we'd ban polling but .... I am just as bad as everyone else about following them.

Harper is back up - and there is speculation that his refugee stance has helped.

Cameron in the UK had the Lizard of Oz helping him when he turned a "tied in the polls" election into a MAJORITY.
Look out Canada. Support the party of your choice but vote strategically.

deb said...

I just dont get why Harper and Co get away with so many election infractions. Apparently having this guy Crosby here to fix his campaign, is illegal, I guess Harper figures he will just pay the fine if it ever goes to court.

Anonymous said...

Anyong said: Listened late last night to CBC where an interview took place with an Australian regarding the new coach for Harper. This (called coach) has been able to get Tony Abbot voted in four times apparently. The end of this election can't come fast enough. I'm sick of it but cannot throw in the towel. Cheers