Friday, September 18, 2015

Now Who's Under the Bus?

Wait, yes, it's orange. Oh my goodness, it's the NDP! Who threw the New Democratic Party under the bus? What, it was Tom Mulcair? The NDP's in-house Manchurian Candidate?

Tommy Angry Beard, determined to persuade voters that his New Democratic Party isn't the NDP at all anymore threw it down when he promised he'd deliver balanced budgets, with a modest surplus, in his first four years as prime minister.

There'll be no Keynesian bullshit for old Tommy, no sir. It'll be austerity all the way. Suck on that, Dippers. You brought him in. You knew his dodgy background - a Thatcherite, a guy who courted Steve Harper for a job, an ex-Liberal, a free trader/market fundamentalist, even a Likudnik. Maybe he didn't shag your mom but, in fairness, who's to know for sure?

As for me well whatever second thoughts I might have had about "strategic voting" evaporated when I read an interview in which your boy Tom said he wasn't against pipelines, just Harper's pipelines. Tommy's pipelines will be better than Steve's, prettier maybe.

I'm not up on these things but maybe you New Dems still have time to find a new leader, someone well to the Left of Tommy. I hear there's this guy who just came available - Tony Abbott.


Toby said...

"Last Night’s Debate Winner: Mainstream Media & Corporate Canada"

It's no wonder that the old boys clubs don't want Elizabeth May in their debates; she would bring up all these uncomfortable issues.

Gyor said...

You do realize there are other choices then Austerity and Deficits rights, Mulcair has choice tax increases to pay for investment instead, like Tommy Douglas infact Tommy Douglas is clearly the inspiration for Tom Mulcair's approach, compare Tommy Douglas's first term to Mulcair's plans for his first term and you should see the resembalance. Also Tom's battle against Bill C-36 is mirrored in Tommy Douglas' battle against the War Measures act.

Mulcair's National Childcare System and cap and trade mirrors Tommy Douglas's universal healthcare.

Tommy Douglas' bill of human rights, Mulcair's bill of Trans rights.

Balanced Budgets during tough economic times with Austerity, by increasing revenue both Douglas and Mulcair.

Both build lasting institutions by starting with a solid foundation and building upwards over time for sustainible institutions over the long term.

So if Mulcair is a neoliberal, so if Tommy Douglas, because Douglas is clearly Mulcair's role model, no Tony Blair or Marget Thatcher.

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Toby - yes, indeed.

@ Gyor - you're hanging on by your fingertips. full marks for effort.

rww said...

Too bad you were not around to tell Tommy Douglas balanced budgets were a right wing evil.

The Mound of Sound said...

Well said, Mr. Woodley. I did check out your profile and you do seem to know whereof you speak. Welcome.

Owen Gray said...

The NDP has been transformed, Mound. Or perhaps I should say deformed.

ffibs said...

Me thinks that you are just rubbing salt on their wound. :D

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Owen. I can't keep track of how many false flags Mulcair is flying. New ones seem to pop up with each poll or change in the wind.

@ Willy - do ya think? Is it that obvious? Sigh.

Anonymous said...

You do not support anonymous. You support the neoliberal status quo. Which is OK with me. Just stop with the false advertising.

Northern PoV said...

If it wasn't for the 800 lb gorilla in the room (a Harper gov't emerges from a "tied" election) it would be amusing to think that the NDP & Libs could "switch places" in their "positioning".

Oh and re this 'jumped the shark comment":
Tony Abbott is well to the Left of Tommy....

I would be laughing harder ... except that rumour that Mulcair leadership bid was launched (rather late remember) with the help of ONEX Corp. Any truth to that dippers?

Northern PoV said...

re the tied-election comment in previous post:
"According to the Guardian: "Crosby's cleverest trick of all was to make it look as if the Tory campaign wasn't working. From February onwards, as the polls seemed to show Labour and the Conservatives deadlocked, Tory commentators and senior party figures… began complaining in coded language about the campaign that Crosby was masterminding.… [W]hile many of the Conservatives' opponents and many journalists and voters were assuming that the Tory campaign was drifting or stalling, Crosby's well-funded infantry were quietly, busily seizing the marginals. Another of his favourite electioneering phrases is 'below the radar.'""

(pls forgive if posted this here already)
(from the Tyee)

The Mound of Sound said...

"seizing the marginals" - love it. I admit, the Tony Abbott reference was a little tongue in cheek.

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Anon - 10:08. Look, dingus, you don't know what I support or where I stand. Neoliberal, really? Read this:

could you possibly make more of an ass out of yourself?

Anonymous said...

Oh for the love of Pete!!
Stop spreading the myth that a deficit is mandatory for a progressive leader. The millions of progressives in Canada have to live by a budget and pay off debts, so why should we expect anything different for a leader, whether they're left, right or centre?

Remember: a BUDGET is about different PRIORITIES. Mulcair (or anyone else) doesn't have to follow in Steve's footsteps and implement the EXACT SAME PRIORITIES. If they're in charge, they can choose DIFFERENT PRIORITIES and pay for them accordingly.
Example: dropping the F-35 and saving Canadians about $35 billion and counting.

Now, if Justin Trudeau would shut his pie-hole about creating blossoming deficits, I might actually consider him instead of Mulcair, but I won't because I expect any politician to live within our means.


The Mound of Sound said...

Wow, "Ugh" That's serious talk. Relax, I was only pissing in your boot. Although the pipeline business is serious.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the fun we have. Happy, happy, happy. Thanks Mound.

Anonymous said...

We have to risk electing MulBlair if only to rid ourselves of the Tories.
Wishful thinking then we should have choices of left leaning parties to choose from perhaps with a future election with the choice being Green, Liberal or NDP.
The Tories, as practiced by Harper, need to be made inconsquential in future elections.