Sunday, September 27, 2015

It's a Dog Eat Dog World in GOP Politics

Just how Tea Party does a Republican have to be now to get elected?  In North Carolina, Repug representative Renee Ellmers won office five years ago by defeating an incumbent Democrat she smeared for supporting a "Victory Mosque" in lower Manhattan.

Since then Renee's shown glimpses of moderation on women's reproductive rights, gay marriage and immigration - and it looks as though it's going to cost her. Ellmers' challenger, Kay Daly is bringing some firepower to the race.

But America's Dick of the Week honours have to go to South Dakota's Donald Anthony Watson for, well, shooting himself in the dick and then trying to blame it on a black guy. Watson, a convicted felon, was illegally trying to buy a hand gun. He put it in his pants, it went off, and the bullet struck Dickless Don where no man ever wants to be hit. When cops checked Watson's apartment it was obvious his story about being mugged by a black guy in the alley was nonsense. Apparently the neighbours' comments about having heard him howling in pain earlier in the evening caused Watson to come clean about his dirty tricks and damaged dick.

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