Saturday, August 05, 2017

Jeebus! The NRA Wants to "Fist" the New York Times

This is the level of public discourse among America's radical right, including the NRA.


Jim Parrett said...

She swears she said, "fisk," an obscure blogging term used a dozen or so years ago. But the hashtag that accompanies the ad states, "ClenchedFistofTruth." You can't make this stuff up.

The Mound of Sound said...

Isn't she a piece of work? This is how she makes her living. White trash in hoop earrings.

Jay Farquharson said...

Gun sales are down, Gun Companies are laying people off, closing factories, Gun Company Stocks are being dumped.

"The Dem's are coming for your guns!!!!!!!!! " "Terrorists are coming!!!!!!!" faux news sold a shitload of guns and ammo for decades to the same small subset of 'Murkin's who live in the States of Fear and Rage.

Since the election of Hair Twitler, they've been using their media arm to push the "culture wars" and have now alligned with the Russian FSB to push #CivilWar, #RaceWar on social media, in the hope that the same Gullabillies, Deplorables, alt-Reich, Trumpista's and Rape Central Faux News Rage Uncles and who drove the Great Guns and Ammo bubble of the past 30 years,

Will decide that their stocks of 20 so "black rifles", handguns and thousands of rounds of ammo, just won't be enough for the coming RaceWar/CivilWar when Hair Twitler is deposed or charged.

They are desperate to get sales back up and if a couple thousand more American's get killed every year, because of the stochastic terrorism they are engaging in,

Well, that's just the costs of doing business.

Toby said...

Microsoft ran into a wall of good enough opposition to upgrades. Users decided the version they were using was good enough. Is a similar situation happening with guns in Americans? Have they finally decided that having enough guns to outfit a revolution is good enough?

Jay Farquharson said...

If you read any of the ammosexual blogs,

Nope, there's always an excuse for another gun, a "better" gun, etc.

What's different is there arn't the rumours and Alex Jones CT claiming that "they" are coming for the guns, or banning the guns, or outlawing ammo,

That basically drove "panic buy" spree's significant enough to create short term shortages and in some cases, cleaned out gun stores, ( even online).