Saturday, August 05, 2017

Well, the Other Guy Had Goebbels.

Cheerful news from Business Insider.  Donald Trump has a guy in mind to fill the vacancy for communications director.  In case you haven't followed that inner sanctum revolving door, here's a rundown courtesy of The Washington Post.

On Dec. 22, President-elect Donald Trump picked Jason Miller to be his White House communications director. Miller resigned on Christmas Eve.

Sean Spicer, already set to become White House press secretary, agreed to pull double duty until a replacement could be found.

On Feb. 17, President Trump announced the hiring of Mike Dubke as communications director. Dubke quit three months later.

Again, Spicer took over on an interim basis.

On July 21, Trump installed Anthony Scaramucci. On Monday, just 10 days later, the president ousted his new hire.

Four men. Five stints. An average of 44 days. Life as a Trump spokesman is hard and often short.

So, who's up next? Brace yourself. The front runner may be the alt.right's poster boy, Stephen Miller.

Miller, known for his hardline nationalism, is a longtime Trump loyalist who most recently made headlines after holding a contentious press conference Wednesday as the Trump administration rolled out its new immigration policy.

Miller surfaced on the Sunday talk shows about five months ago and was shot down in flames.


Owen Gray said...

Incredible. But, then, HR management is clearly not Trump's strong suite.

J MacDuff said...

Living proof that aliens have infiltrated the US government.