Thursday, December 28, 2017

Dear Roy.

Dear Roy Moore:

You're a God fearin', God praisin', God lovin' man.

You proudly proclaim that God's law, or at least your God's law as you perceive it, is the highest law of the land.

Now, Roy, here's the thing. If your all knowing, all seeing, omnipotent God wanted your sorry ass in the United States Senate, He would not have packed those ballot boxes with 20,000 extra votes for Democrat Doug Jones. God would have packed those ballot boxes with an extra 20,000 votes for your devout ass.  Only He didn't.

So calm your tits, Roy. Have a quiet word with God. Ask him why He screwed up. He's probably got some good reason.


Owen Gray said...

Roy seems to think he's got a direct line to the Almighty. What if the answer on the other end of the line is, "No!"

Anonymous said...

I'll bet he's claiming that 20,000 underage women turned out to vote against him. He'll need access to the list so he can check whether they had their mothers' permission.


Anonymous said... seems it is only corrupt men who think they are entitled to God's Blessing.

Anonymous said...

I think God saved the world when he put Trump in the White House. The Clintons and Obama turned the government into a bribe-taking den of thieves. Four more years of outrageous corruption and economic misery would've put the world in a bad place.

I also think God saved Trump a lot of trouble by tanking Roy Moore. His crazy public statements would've been a huge thorn in Trump's side, distracting from his message of economic nationalism.

This is also good for Bannon. No better teacher than a humiliating failure. Bannon has to learn that he needs more than just warm bodies to displace bribe-taking neocons. He needs people with character. (The quality kind, not the goofy kind Roy Moore has.)

So the Trump Train is still on the tracks. The Dems still stand for nothing. (They won the battle by smearing someone as a pedophile. But it's not a victory that appears to lead anywhere.)

The Mound of Sound said...

"God saved the world when he put Trump in the White House." I'm thinking God is going to be righteously pissed off that you capitalized Trump and White House but not "He."

BTW - are Democrats your God? You start off claiming that God somehow tanked Roy Moore. You then contend that it was the Dems who defeated Moore by smearing him as a pedophile. Two seemingly irreconcilable propositions unless the Democrats were in league with God or, gasp, are God.

The mind boggles but it usually does when you get tripped up on your talking points, Anon. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

God just used void-worshiping Dem weasels to take Moore out of the game. Not that He made them into crap-throwing monkeys. He just left them to their own devices.

It will be interesting to see what Doug Jones is going to do now. He'll want to keep his seat, obviously - in a Trump-majority district.

The Lord works in mysterious ways...

The Mound of Sound said...

The Lord sure pulled a stinky when he (yeah, 'he' because it's a delusion) brought us you. "crap-throwing monkeys" c'mon can you degrade yourself any more profoundly?