Friday, March 02, 2012

Anonymous Update on Toews

Did Vic Toews reward one of his mistresses with an appointment to the Manitoba Court of Queens Bench?  That's the allegation and, it's claimed, the reason Harper removed Toews as justice minister to protect his government from scandal.

(I have removed the Anonymous youtube clip.  The video named the woman who was supposedly sleeping with Toews when he got her appointed to the Manitoba high court.   The Anonymous piece is still available on Youtube at this time)

It's an interesting, even plausible claim but if Toews was instrumental in appointing a lover to the high court bench, others had to be involved.   He would have needed the cooperation, a "favour" perhaps, from someone within the Manitoba government.  And there would have been various people within the justice department with some awareness of this sort of favouritism.

Is it a bombshell?  Possibly inasmuch as it implicates Toews and potentially others including Harper himself and the paper trail of those who would have done the leg work to get this woman appointed.   Still, this is the sort of thing Harper's people are, by now, so skilled at burying.

The allegation is out there.   The accusers have gone to ground.  The sad joke that passes for opposition today will likely avoid this like the plague.

Update - the woman named does appear on the register of the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench.  She is shown as having been a provincial court judge from 1998 (while Toews was provincial justice minister) until her elevation to the high court in November, 2006 when Toews was federal justice minister.

This is a miserable situation.  We have an accusation and that's all.  People have been named.   Yet, so far at least, there's nothing concrete to back up any of this.   Was Vic Toews carrying on an illicit intimate relationship with a judge in his home province while he was married, serving as justice minister and, apparently, fathering a child by an Ottawa assistant?  Did he use his office to elevate this woman to a position on his province's supreme or high court?  Is that why he was shuffled out of the justice portfolio?  Did Harper move Toews to sweep this under the carpet?

If this is a malicious smear, it's about as low as they get.  If it's false then innocent people may be seriously and permanently harmed by it.  If nothing else, let's withhold any judgment about the woman named.

As for Vic Toews, he's a brawler, he can defend himself.  If he knows these allegations to be untrue, he should waste no time in coming forward to refute them.   There should be several means for Toews to convincingly disprove what is alleged.


Janice said...

I noticed that Mr. Toews did not refute nor cry "Slander!" when Vikileaks30 was active and sharing damning (morally at least) information that (if you do the math) supports an allegation of child sexual abuse. (Someone has alleged the mother of his young child, with whom he has a common law live-in relationship at this moment is 21 years of age... if this is correct, the information leaked leads to the affair begining in 2004. Do the math, she would have been abt 14/15)

He similarly did not cry "Slander" when his partner was named. The information about her work situation divulged by Anonymous at that time is easily verifiable.

I would not presume at this point to hear any cry of "Slander" from Mr. Toews this time around, either. I do expect the opposition will put some effort into verification of Anonymous' current disclosure. And I won't be the least surprised if everything checks out.

This government is in my opinion currently illegitimate until the investigation into the outrageous election fraud that is now impossible to ignore (31,000 complaints to Elections Canada to date. Unheard of in Canada. That's 10% of voters complaining of irregularities and/or criminal breaches of the Elections Act). I want the Governor General to prorogue parliament immediately. The Crime Bill has passed the Senate (late last night) and is heading back to parliament. No way this bill that the government consistently limited discussions over should come into law while this cloud hangs over our democracy.

Canadians may finally have been pushed too far. We may see our first revolution. We have to take back control of our country from those who would rob us of the very rights that have made this country great.

Anonymous said...

I agree Janice, I emailed the govenor general, I hope many others do, and I hope he actually steps up.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi Janice. Thanks for that information. The mother of his latest child is just 21 now? Really? I'll have to see if I can verify that.