Friday, March 23, 2012

Situation's Predicament

Even if you're one of us who has never watched an episode of MTV's Jersey Shore reality show, you've probably been exposed to some of the cast through other programmes like The Daily Show.   Judging by what Jon Stewart observes, the two most ridiculous cast members are Snooky and a guy who calls himself "The Situation", Mike Sorrentino.

Now it seems Sorrentino has got himself in a real situation.  He's currently in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse.   But his biggest source of income these days comes from nightclub appearances, some of which represent six figure paycheques.  It's these same club appearances that are said to have escalated his alcohol abuse.

So what does that make The Situation, a for-profit alcoholic?

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sassy said...

I've never understood what attracts viewers to show's like that and, find it a sick comment on society that the participants actually make even one red cent.